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How the Inverted Pyramid Method Can Improve Social Media Content

November 11, 2019

Last Updated on - November 11, 2019  

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inverted pyramid method

Social media marketing is an integral part of marketing, sales, and promotion.

In today’s modern age, almost everyone is on social media, and instead of newspapers or magazines, you’ll see people’s noses stuck on mobile phone screens, staying updated about the latest issues and product releases online.

Today, people disconnect to connect.

As mentioned, social media marketing plays an essential role in boosting a brand’s presence online.

More than anything, it also helps increase conversion rates–from mere viewers or prospects into customers, which is why it’s important that digital marketing companies today learn the fundamentality of what it means to market a brand, products, or services on social media.

In this article, you will further learn about what an inverted pyramid is and how it can improve your social media content.

Make sure to list down all things relevant and helpful to you as a company, so as to find yourself growing and improving over time.

What is the Inverted Pyramid Method?

The inverted pyramid is designed to grab a reader’s attention, excite, and guide them towards taking action.

This method is basically a framework that focuses on giving emails and content the right flow of ideas so as to guarantee higher conversion rates.

inverted pyramid method

The inverted pyramid has three parts each, which represents how you are going to catch and maintain a reader’s attention while also encouraging and guiding them on what to do next.

To give you a clearer idea of how it works, here’s a breakdown of the entire pyramid:

  • Attention-Grabbing Headline or Content – This part is meant to make your readers grow more curious about your content, or your brand in general. This is where you offer up values and make promises to your readers, which will [hopefully] soon turn into customers.
  • Exciting or Informative Details – Next, this part is meant for companies or brands like you to build anticipation as you give promising details and proposals as backups for your initial offer. This is actually your chance to get readers all excited about what your brand has to offer and how you’re going to deliver.
  • Call-to-Action – Now this is the part where you seal the deal. If you have clearly and seamlessly laid out your intentions and all details on the first two points, then here’s where they should be more than ready to click and convert into a customer. If anything, this part should be the part where they finally give in and purchase your products or services.

How Can This Improve Social Media Content?

Now that you know what an inverted pyramid is, its parts, and how it works, it’s finally time to determine how this method can be beneficial or what good it will bring to social media marketers, especially to content.

Below is a list of benefits or advantages the inverted pyramid method brings to social media content today:

Stronger Online Presence with Keywords

One of the most notable and handy side effects of an inverted pyramid method is that you get to include important information.

Meaning, you automatically use [relevant] keywords at the very beginning of both your headline and your overall content.

In turn, your social media profile or page could possibly, and it definitely will be recognized by users and search engines as being relevant to anyone’s search inquiry.

Highlights Brand Uniqueness

Using the inverted pyramid method gives your brand a chance to highlight what’s unique about your products, services, or your company in general.

Through your [social media] content, you get to briefly explain why your readers should choose you over anyone else in the same market or industry.

By doing this, you’re improving your social media content as you also directly lay down your intentions, offers, and promises.

Most of the time, this is where readers or customers get excited–when brands tend to appear as transparent as possible, offering only those what they can and not sugarcoating any detail.

Improve Reader Comprehension

An inverted pyramid method improves a reader’s comprehension.

How? Why?

Well, mainly because users can easily form a “mental model” and a clear understanding of your entire content, which makes it easier for them to comprehend all other details to follow.

Short and straightforward content ideas and articles also often catch the attention of most readers.

I mean, who would want to read a full-on, bland article about a single product or service, right?

In the age of social media, you’re already buying time from people. Make a minute or two worth it, and prove your effectivity by keeping everything short and simple.

Wrapping Up

The inverted pyramid method definitely matches how users all over the world and the Internet read online content.

With that, it’s a key factor in growing more in the digital marketing industry.

If you have zero clues about how to integrate an inverted pyramid style into your social media tactics, you may want to contact professional social media teams such as carlocab.com to help you out in content, strategies, and other social media-related concerns.

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