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The Solution Of Google Penguin For Quality Blogs

September 17, 2012

Last Updated on - May 20, 2015  

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Today, it is true that Google Penguin has been affecting a number of Website owners. They have been affecting knowing that Google has been keen in ranking the websites who have spammed documents and contents. To mention, these are pertaining to all the copied and documented content in an article that goes through out at the search engines. Because of this, the website owners have been trying to get their standard up after knowing they have placed so much effort on it and for some, have spend over it.

Since the problem has continued to arise these days, they are actually trying it find solutions and here are as follows:

You may Choose To have Paid Links

Penguin is so sensitive in detecting any copied parts of any other source. Hence, the way to check out for paid links would be not using the same anchor text searches. You may choose to at least have some other source but, conceding to not take anything illegal of who made for the original link. In this case, one is demanded to be keen and knowledgeable.

Control the Visitors

As a website owner, it is your responsibility and your liability to control the visitors you have at your website. Meaning to say, everything they posts is still under your liability. For penguin to not easily detect any issues of spam, you need to control the comments of the visitors at your website. It may hard knowing the total number that provides the comment but, this is the least that you can do. Never be hopeless to lose your site or to rank as the lowest because after all, there could be ways to gratify your effort.

Be alert for any guests comments

At times, the website may contain spaces for guest’s comments and feedbacks. With this presence, you are entitled to be more alert because, you always try to make sure that the comment does not have any penguin related link or else, you’ll then b hit by penguin standards. Same thing, you may fall under the penalties that penguin provides for spam issues.

The Links You Provide

Providing links could be an easier way for people to negotiate what they have to research on. In fact, the links could even add more information to people who used to search for a bulk of information. However, the links should also be checked. Checking would entail one to be secure that the link does not be related to penguin or else, your site could be next in line.

Expect for some unending fixes

If your mind has been set to ensure no penguin related links or spammer contents, you always have to be careful because, there will be a lot of things that pops up at your website. In this regard, always be knowledgeable about what are the possible spammer links and contents that Google penguin will then penalize.

Starting Over is easier

If you end up having been penalized by Google penguin for any spamming content issues, then a website manager, it would be better idea to start over again. Staring over again could be easier than having to rank your site up to the top again. Knowing that penguin has recognized your site to have spammed content, from any spamming links then obviously, we can never tell it’s safer and assured. At the end of the day, the website has left a record that wouldn’t at all be appreciated.

Penguin Targets

Like website managers, and bloggers that targets people, audience and visitors to drive traffic, Google also tries it best to quantify those who have gone against the Penguin target. At times, you may even think that things have gone fine after an incident of being placed at the bottom part, things of still going back with some spamming issues from Google could still go back with you. Thus, it would be better to make a choice of changing.

No way when blacklisted

Take this in mind, when your site has been blacklisted by Penguin, there’s no way for you to retrieve your website. Much as you expect but, Penguin has provided targets knowing the mistakes you have done with your website content.

Take note of some reporting forms

Today, the list of the websites seen in the reporting forms comes in thousands. In the case where you see your website along, just expect for the next thing that follows. Becoming part of the list means that your website has already been targeted by the issues against penguin. Nowhere to go but, the option to start all over again rather than falling short for expecting still from your existing website that is targeted by Penguin.

Various Spam reports

There are actually numerous spam reports from other bloggers and website managers. In the same scenario, it is true that they sometimes become malicious, unfair and would be presenting incorrect means of competition. In this regard, it could hard know that Google wouldn’t believe much of them not unless, Google directly discovers. Hence, you always have the reason to give up on that.

Generally, the thought to find the solutions to overcome Google Penguin for quality blogs is great and this is typically because of the increasing number of website managers and websites that have been affected with the era. Google has gone far and it assumes to give the best for the people by not failing to provide original content of article output or any research product to become the guest’s sources. Hence, they get the reason to be strict in terms of the standards to follow, to avoid duplicates and copied contents from other sources.

In fact, the ten ways to overcome are not the only ways and solutions. There is still number of it but, the above mentioned are those that are objectively enumerated and seen at the website and blog. As Google is challenged to provide the best for the audience, the website managers are also challenge to raise their rankings on top after having been targeted by Penguin or by starting it all over again. Whichever option, there is always an easier way to combat spamming issues in Google.

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