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The True Nature of Article Spinning: Why You Should Stop Doing It?

November 20, 2012

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Article Spinning

It’s funny how certain memories suddenly re-appear when certain words start ringing in your ear.

I had the opportunity to join SEMCON way back in 2010 and I got to meet a lot of SEO experts at that particular convention. One of those SEO experts was Benj Arriola. He was actually one of the speakers of that said convention and I liked his speech about link building. After the convention, I asked him a few things about article marketing, link building and internet marketing as a whole.

Now two years later, I find myself recalling the things we talked about, especially when one of my friends who work as a content writer asked me a particular question about article spinning. For those who are not familiar with article spinning, it is a process of “revolving” mutiple word synonyms every time a copy of the article is published in the Internet. It became a very popular article marketing technique since it allows Internet marketers and SEO experts to produce a supposedly “high-quality”copies of an article multiple times. So if I have one good article and I want to publish 10 articles to 10 different blog networks, I simply have to “spin” the said article in order to produce 9 more copies, which will then be published in the different blog networks.

An ideal technique, right? Unfortunately, things have changed when Google Penguin erupted back in May. I suddenly remembered the conversation that I had with Mr. Arriola about article spinning and I really had no choice but to agree with him whole-heartedly! Now, the things he mentioned to me during that one fateful SEMCon can be found in his blog, but I’d like to simplify his explanation in order for newbie content writers and SEO analysts to understand.

So in a total nutshell, ARTICLE SPINNING DOES NOT WORK.

Why oh why?

It’s because Google has gotten smarter and has picked up this tactic. Sure, in 2010 it may have worked, but ever since then, Google’s already sensed that there was something funny going on everytime people would introduce a funny-looking article within blogs or websites.

Oh, and one more thing. Google doesn’t have to read your articles in order to know that it’s a spinned article or not. Basically, all Google has to do is TO CHECK YOUR LINKS. Unbelievably, I did not believe in this logic when Mr. Arriola discussed this with me, but right now, this is pretty much true and accurate. Once Google checks the links on an article, any link that does not look natural is immediately regarded as a very weak link. Weak links do not give out traffic to your site.


To be honest, I’ve done article spinning a few times and it’s a very difficult process, especially if you use article spinning programs. The content produced by these programs are horrible. You can barely understand what you are reading because the words are all jumbled up. All the more reason to conclude that article spinning should be literally forgotten.

To all my content writer friends out there, let’s bring back quality writing and non keyword-stuffed

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