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Things to Consider Before Selling Domains

July 7, 2012

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domain sellingThis is a guest post by John .You can read the guidelines for guest posting at our guest posting guidelines page.

There is a growing trend of buying and selling domain names these days. Domain names are actually unique names given to various websites. They are meaningful and define the purpose of website. People have now a days started domain trading by buying cheap domains and then selling them at higher rates in order to earn profits. Although this is an unpredictable and young business, still you will find many people involved in this domain trading.

Here are some important points which should be kept in mind before selling domains:

Revenue Generating:

One important aspect to consider for large domain portfolio owners is that whether the domain has got the ability to earn large revenues. A generic domain name should earn at least 10 to 20 percent its cost. It is important to view revenue generation from monthly as well as annual point of view.

Sometimes, luckily a big company introduces a new product with the name exactly the one bought randomly in your domain portfolio. You can earn a lot on monthly as well as annual basis.

Opportunity Cost:

It is advisable to look for the opportunity cost of a particular domain before selling it. Maybe it is more valuable for you to use a particular domain name yourself due to your own interest in that particular field.

Easy Replacement:

It is also very important to do a proper research before selling any domain name as every domain name is unique and is irreplaceable. For instance, there can only be one idee.com on the World Wide Web. Some domain names will increase their value with time So, don’t hurry in selling a domain name with more potential earlier. Likewise, don’t miss the opportunity of earning good revenue from a domain name getting good price.


Another useful way is to sell a domain name out of your portfolio on a reasonable profit and then reinvest the money in buying some more useful domain names having the potential of making high revenues afterwards.

Better Options Available:

You should carry out proper research by conducting a thorough market survey about the alternatives available. For instance, if you are getting an offer of 200$ for a particular domain name from one party, a thorough survey may help you finding another client offering 400$. So, it all depends on your business capabilities and your luck.

We can hence say that selling domains is a skillful task and can earn great profits if done properly. It is a new and growing industry.

As a successful domain trader, you should be honest and fair in dealings, follow the agreements properly, and charge reasonably. Be optimistic and realistic. Sometimes, you will have to bear risks. These risks can either help you earning more or can bring you at a loss. Don’t miss a good opportunity. Likewise, look for better available alternatives. Like any other business, it has got great potential provided you have a good luck.

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