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Three Important Accessories that you should buy for your Android Phone

August 17, 2012

Last Updated on - August 17, 2012  

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android appsThe Android phone, like any other device, has several accessories that play an important role in creating a better experience for the phone user. These accessories may seem a little expensive, but they definitely make sense to buy in the longer run.

Here are three Android phone accessories that we don’t think we will ever go out without.

A Bluetooth Dongle

Android devices are primarily phones, and therefore it is very important that they have the right kind of accessories for them to perform their core job responsibility – taking and making calls. With Android phone sizes getting bigger and bigger, you just need some small device that frees you of taking the clunky device all around – and a Bluetooth dongle is the best option you have. Some of these can also play music, and they basically allow you to keep your phone at a particular place, and move around with a nifty device attached to your ear to take calls. Definitely something that makes sense when you have only two hands and cannot lift anything with your legs. In such a scenario, a Bluetooth dongle makes sense.

A Carrying Case

With the Android cell phone sizes becoming thinner and longer and broader, you definitely need to look at some kind of cover for the cellphone. Whether it is the Samsung or the Sony or the Motorola, these are electronic devices that should be covered from dust, dirt, grime and definitely water – unless you are buying one of those waterproof devices. A carrying case is not that expensive. When you are buying an Android cell phone worth $800, you can definitely buy a carrying case worth $20. There are several carrying cases available in the market, with some mobile manufacturers offering you their own carrying cases. These may be a bit on the expensive side, but they do look good and are crafted from fine materials – and they complement your device quite well. Some carrying case also come in different colors, like blue, black and pink too.

A Screen Guard

Screen Guards are very important for the mobile phone, especially when they are touch phones. Even the slightest scratch on the phone can create an issue for the user experience and user interface. There are several screen guards available in the market, and it would make perfect sense to buy it as soon as you are buying the cellphone itself. Too many scratches on the cellphone might create an issue with the touch capability of the phone, and you might actually be forced to buy a new Android phone, just because of the scratches on the phone that do not allow you to use the touch functionality any longer.

It is true that with the Gorilla Glass and other techs coming up, the usage of the screen guard is decreasing a bit, but it would never hurt to put up a screen guard even on a phone that brags of a Gorilla Glass, too much of safety never killed anybody, and nor did it create an issue for any cellphone.

These are the three tools that you should buy once you have bought an Android, or any cell phone. These accessories will not only help keep your phone safe and make it look good, but will also enhance your user experience when it comes to using the phone.
There are several websites that provide these and other accessories. Some of them might even offer you big discounts on the products that you buy. Make sure that you research where you get these products from before you buy them online.

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Aditya Roy writes at Android Mag. You may like to read more on galaxy SIII accessories

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