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Tips for Affordable SEO Article Writing

June 25, 2012

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SEO article writing

This is a guest post by Shirley on SEO article writing.You can read the guidelines for guest posting at our guest posting guidelines page.

SEO the term that everyone, but no one, tends to really understand. Unless they are an IT whizz or even an SEO specialist maybe. So let us start from the beginning. What is SEO? SEO is Search Engine Optimisation and translates casually to improving your sites rankings in search engine results, increasing the popularity and traffic to your site and, ultimately, increasing your business or site prospects.

There are a number of ways to increase your visibility on search engine results, one of them being keywords. Keywords, that are relevant to the site and content, will result in your site be highlighted by search engines when people search for them online.

Then there are links; these are a hyperlink which directs traffic to your site in one click. These are usually associated with keywords as ‘Click Here’ doesn’t really have the same effect in enticing readers.

These keywords and links are often found in SEO articles. SEO articles are articles (funnily enough), designed to target specific audiences with the use of these keywords and links which will point the reader towards a specific site and direct traffic. Or in other words, they are there to encourage and ask you to visit their website.

Blogging, online media and magazines are increasingly popular and SEO professionals and businesses are changing the way they optimise their services and sites to keep up with our fast paced virtual world. Articles are promotional campaigns; practical and informative whilst advertisements in their selves.

If articles are the way forward – how does it work? Well, these articles are there to, not only promote the site and to ‘get people talking about them’, but also to increase word of mouth conversation. In order to ensure your hitting the spot with an article, there is a necessity for tact.

For starters, the reader needs to be interested or they will just click by without a second glance. As well as that, the article needs to be relevant to what your site is about; otherwise, what’s the point? Okay, so someone may wonder over to your site by brief recommendation but if the destination is not what the article raved about, they won’t be there long. Then there are the keywords. What are keywords and which are relevant to your website? That is to be determined depending on what your site is, who you are looking to attract and what you can offer.

There are professional copywriters a business or site owner can employ, with just a few clicks or a mouse, for SEO article writing. Professional services can be one off articles or a regular service that keeps the search engines interested in your site and traffic heading in your direction. Outsourcing SEO article writing can have even more advantages, reaching a wider audience, if you choose the right service: submitting your articles to popular sites themselves and therefore further optimising your site.

You can also tell the writer what to write, and they will do the research on your site to make sure you get an article you are happy with as well as one that will do its SEO thing.

About the Author:

Shirley Jones is a freelance writer. A keen reader, and inspired by the authors of fiction, Rachel is an up and coming author. She has expertise in SEO article writing and engaging pieces of content produced by her make clients happy and user visit their website more and more.

About the author 

Guest Blogger  -  These posts are submitted by our Guest Bloggers. We accept guest posts on topics that are relevant to our blog like blogging, internet entrepreneurship tutorials, affiliate marketing, social media etc. You can read more about how to submit guest posts by visiting our write-for-us page.

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