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Top 5 competitor analysis tools in SEO

July 31, 2012

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seo toolsCompetitive analysis is considered common sense for anyone running a business in the online environment. However, in order to run precision tests in this regard, you need to have access to some very strong tools. The AdWords tool powered by Google is a good start, but it is not comprehensive enough to present you with the much needed information on what kind of competition you are actually facing. The following tools are considered some of the best analysis tools in SEO at the moment.

Traffic Travis

This SEO analysis tool is used by over 250,000 webmasters and it is favored by many, because it is capable of analyzing the competition for a particular keyword, including the rank of a page, as well as how well it is doing in search queries.

Instead of you doing all the work, by trying to pinpoint the performance of your direct competitor, through tools such as Alexa Traffic Rank, and the most important search engines, Traffic Travis is doing all the work. Besides Alexa Traffic Rank, it includes the Number of Indexed Pages in the most important search engines: Google, Bing and Yahoo. Its secondary role is to analyze the quality of backlinks on a web page, something that may come in handy.


This competitor analysis tool for SEO is one of the most complex tools that you can find right now. Because of its many features, it can present users with a thorough analysis on how competition is doing on a certain keyword. It also offers plenty of support for users, in order to increase the quality of the service. While there is a paid version that is quite expensive, the free version is powerful enough to provide small business with a powerful tool for SEO analysis.


This tool set, as the name indicates, is a collection of smaller programs that allow users to increase SEO efforts for making their pages rank higher, as well as to analyze the activity of the most important competitors in the same field. Among the tools put at users’ disposal, you will find: a toolbar that explains web statistics, a SEO tool, a page analyzer and a server response checker.


This particular competitor analysis tool for SEO uses cloud servers in order to identify the information you need. Its main advantage is that it is capable of suggesting certain keywords, and it shows which keywords are the best choice in order to rank better and without having to face such a tough competition. On the not so bright side, this tool is quite expensive to use, since it uses monthly subscriptions only.

Open Site Explorer

Quite a reliable free competitor analysis tool for SEO, Open Site Explorer allows you to compare your website with up to 5 competitors, making it easier for you to understand where you are standing. Its role is to analyze incoming links, anchor texts, the authority of a website and many other aspects related to SEO.

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  • I have used Open Site Explorer in the past after the demise of Yahoo Site Explorer. It is a very handy tool to get an idea of page and domain authority.

  • Thanks for the tools. I will try them – I like Open Site Explorer. What do you think of the tools this guy talks about? http://youtu.be/_Rww1AUFKCo

    Also can you let me know what tools you mention in your post are free vs paid?

    Thank you.

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