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Top 5 WordPress Plugins to improve your blog

August 26, 2012

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One ultimate thing about WordPress for being loved by several millions is the number of plugins that comes along with it. In recent years, WordPress happens to be a successful platform for open source blogging. WordPress is currently transforming into a commercial platform for eCommerce. With the amazing WordPress plugins being offered by several developers WordPress is becoming even stronger. WordPress plugins are widely offered for free and premium rates. Not all free plugins are trust-worthy. Hence before relying on to a free plugin, ensure that it has been used by other WordPress sites.  And when it comes to premium plugins, there is nothing much to bother about, since they are trust worthy. However, it doesn’t matter more on spending few bucks for building a site that is perfect in every way.

How do plugins improve blog speed?

If ever you’ve witnessed a decrease in your blog traffic, it is just because of the more loading time of your blog. More loading times eventually results in lesser chances to get your blog displayed in Google’s search engine result pages. Javascript, heavy images and unoptimized database might be one of the reasons for more loading time. However, by using the appropriate plugins you can  overcome this occurrence. There are several WordPress plugins that are exclusively meant for improvising your blog speed.

Listed below are the major five plugins, which gives better results for your blog speed.

WordPress Photo Gallery

Apptha’s WordPress Photo Gallery is a WordPress plugin that comes with a Mac Dock effect to upload images. This plugin allows you to create multiple albums and display them in a smooth and elegant slideshow. It includes options for Facebook download, share and comment. You can import albums directly from Picasa, Facebook and Flickr. This plugin doesn’t allow your blog to take much time loading.


WP touch

WP touch allows millions of iPhone and android users to access your blog via their mobile phones. Having installed this plugin on your blog, any mobile user arriving your blog will find your site absolutely tremendous. You can utterly customize your blog for mobile users. With this, your blog appearance vary from web users to mobile users. If you are finding some way to make your blog damn good on mobiles, then this plugin can be the apt choice.

wp touchAll in one SEO pack

SEO has all to do with the success of a website or blog. It is indeed tough for any business to survive without focusing SEO. All in one SEO pack is the WordPress plugin that enfolds everything that is SEO. Having installed this plugin, you can have your blog SEO optimized, since the plugin automatically generates Meta tags, detects and avoids duplicate contents, and optimizes your blog post titles for search engines.


WP email

This plugin when installed allows your visitors to send posts to their friends by means email. For this, a link is included at the end of every post. WP Email can be said the perfect plugin for your blog to gain popularity with exceeding new visitors.

WP email

Google XML sitemap

Google XML Sitemaps comes with a special XML site map. This WordPress plugin allows your WordPress blog to get optimized with search engines like Google, Bing, Ask.com and Yahoo. Each time when you add a blog post to your site, the search engines are notified. All WordPress generated pages and custom URLs are supported by this plugin.



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