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Top 6 Reasons to do Article Marketing

March 8, 2010

Last Updated on - May 21, 2015  

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Article Marketing Benefits

Traffic is what can get your revenue and sales. And driving traffic to websites is the most challenging task that any internet marketer faces. If you are cash-rich when you start your internet marketing business, you will be ready to spend some money on PPC and other paid ads to get targetted traffic. But what if you do not have that much money to spend?

Article Marketing has always been one of the most preferred form of getting free targetted traffic to your websites.  But there is more than only this reason to it. Article Marketing has a lot of other benefits that just driving traffic. These benefits can be called as the by-products of Article Marketing. What are these benefits? Why would you want to do Article Marketing?

Reasons to do Article Marketing

The 6 top reasons why you should do Article Marketing are as follows:

Backlinks – There is no better whitehat method to obtaining backlinks than Article Marketing. You should use a free article directory to post your content. After approval your article will be on the internet, sending traffic your way. Avoid using automatic spinners, these simply do not work. Always take the extra time to ensure your article is readable and won’t be rejected by the Article Directory.

Traffic – Always make sure you put a link to your site with the proper anchor text in every article you submit. Even if it is something as simple as “Click here for more information”. The person reading has interest in your content and will certainly want more information about the topic. If your article is bad, you will never get anyone to click your link. Write good articles!

Prestige – Having published articles all over the Internet will add to your credibility. As users read your articles they identify you as the expert on the subject. Of course, this goes both ways if your article is bad they will associate you with bad grammar and poor content. If your article has poor grammar or, doesn’t make sense the reader will assume you don’t have a clue. If you don’t write well or, don’t have the time hire someone. There are many services that offer article writing that are very inexpensive.

Eternal – Every month your article will still be out there, still gaining backlinks for your site. People can’t help but link to quality, interesting content. If you write something that is interesting or informative, people will link to you. However, if your article is unreadable you will gain no backlinks or traffic. I know it is very difficult to rate your own writing ability, ask a friend or, family member to proof read your work and give an honest assessment. Your content can be exceptional but if your writing is poor you are doomed.

Knowledge – When you begin writing your article you’re also gaining knowledge on your subject. This knowledge is invaluable for your current and future websites. Most articles I write come with the benefit of gaining experience and knowledge about the topic.

Help People – Some of the most visited articles help someone with a problem. Whenever you solve a problem write about it and publish the article. If you had the issue, I can guarantee you that someone else did too. Help them fix it and get quality backlinks at the same time?

This list should give you a good start. Just to be clear, the most important part of the process is good content! Nothing can replace good content. Whatever article you write you need to ensure that the content is of value to the reader.

About the author

My name is Dilip. I am a fan of the internet and love the many opportunities that the world wide web provides. If used constructively , the internet can give you an opportunity to lead a life free of the 9-5 treadmill and will be able to give more time to your family members.
Read about internet entrepreneurship at my blog.

  • Article marketing is one of the best ways of getting backlinks and also to drive targetted traffic to your websites. Glad to know that your liked the post.

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