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Top WordPress Plugins that will enable you to attach PDF files!

November 29, 2013

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You may not realize it but PDF files have far more importance than you may think. They are versatile and extremely flexible. Besides, they add a seemingly professional touch to any document and the fact that it can be edited, created and managed just the way you would like it to be makes it all the more appealing. Websites might often require the user to fill in certain forms or read certain terms and conditions or other vital documents pertaining to the website. In such situations, a PDF file can lend a clean look to your website. PDF files offer an immense amount of flexibility. You can even convert PDF to Word.

Some people, however, fear using these files simply because they find it daunting to attach these PDF files onto their website. Nonetheless, doing this is definitely not a herculean task and with the availability of a wide range of Plugins, this becomes all the more easy. Since WordPress is a very popular platform among bloggers and website owners, numerous plugins have been created for this purpose, thus making PDF attachments a breeze.

Given below are some exceptional widgets designed specifically for the WordPress platform that help not only attach PDF files but also carry out numerous other functions.


As the name suggests, this plugin is extremely versatile and not only enables your readers to print certain PDF documents on your website but also makes sure that they can share as well as save certain pages that they find resourceful. All you need to do is download this plugin and install it and everything else is taken care of by Joliprint itself. Besides, it also makes sure that the plugin is displayed for every post that is published on WordPress.


This is an excellent platform that can be used for any kind of publishing activities on WordPress. The user interface is extremely friendly and almost similar to the WordPress dashboard, thus making it easy to use this plugin effectively. It offers an unbelievable amount of flexibility in the sense that you can drag and drop posts and files that belong not only to your WordPress account but from any other external source. Besides, you are even permitted to create content from scratch using Anthologize. Once this is done, you can carry out the editing work and export your file in any eBook format of your choice, including PDF. Other formats include EPUB and TEI.

PDF24 Articles to PDF:

The name of the plugin itself is self explanatory. To put it simply, when you download and install this plugin, a button will be displayed at the end of each post, clicking on which will ask your readers if they would like to convert the post into a PDF file. You can customize this plugin based on your requirements using CSS. Therefore, changes can be made to the links, format and even the boxes based on the colour scheme that your blog or website uses.

Make PDF Newspaper:

This is an excellent way to transform your WordPress blog into a sensational newspaper tabloid. This can be printed, saved and shared. Besides, the availability of 5 different filters also makes it an interesting plugin that can add oodles of style to your website. However, one downfall with this plugin is that fact that the developers have not updated the version since a couple of years and as a result it may not work efficiently with the newest versions of WordPress, but is a great plugin nonetheless.

In this way, there is a lot more you can do with PDF and WordPress than simply publish articles. Besides, you can even convert PDF to Word if you desire. The possibilities are endless.

Author’s bio:

Camille Dalton is a freelance writer and loves to explore various plugins when working for her WordPress site. She often uses widgets and plugins to convert PDF to Word. She has a professional background in website development and is also a trained singer.

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