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Traffic Dashboard – A Handy Tool to Own

July 28, 2011

Traffic DashboardTraffic Dashboard, another product and another review! Is it what you are wondering?

If you check out Clickbank for the number of products that have been launched in the past few days, you will find that the numbers are crazy. Every other day there will be at least 3-4 products on internet marketing and online business. How much worthy are these products?

Before we look into any of these products, let me ask you a question.

What is the objective behind somebody taking to the internet to make money?

If you ask me the reason, I would say it is to lead a life free of worries. It is to get out of the 9 – 5 treadmill and spend more time with my family. It is to get out of a “JOB” that is taking away the most precious 9 hours of my life.

So the first criteria for me, when I look at doing something on the internet is to do something that does not push me onto the treadmill again.

A simple evaluation of the products that get launched these days should give you the reason for all of this discussion.

These products are not giving you a launch pad to achieving your objectives. Rather they are just helping you switch from one job to another.

They just teach you how to do a different job and once again bind you into another treadmill.

Traffic Dashboard – What’s Different?

What I normally look for in any product is, if it is giving me some tools to simplify what I am doing.

There is no “Rocket Science” in internet marketing. The steps involved are extremely simple and straightforward. All that is required is a bit of commitment to remain consistent.

It is here that Traffic dashboard wins. Traffic Dashboard is not just another software that gives you a new treadmill to run on. Instead it is a collection of tools that can simplify the steps that are involved in internet marketing so that you can build an online business that gives you “residual income“.

What is Traffic Dashboard?

One of the most difficult things in internet marketing is “getting traffic”. Though the steps are pretty simple, it is often time consuming. The is one of the highlights of Traffic Dashboard.

Just as the name suggests, Traffic Dashboard has a collection of handy tools that can help you generate traffic to your websites and blogs.

Traffic generation could be done by article marketing, blog commenting, social media marketing, search engine optimization etc. Traffic dashboard has some simple tools that can help you do all this. All of these are neatly arranged in the interface of Traffic Dashboard so that you don’t have to search around for anything.

Why do you need Traffic Dashboard?

Internet Marketing pretty much follows the 80-20 principle like all other things do. It if often observed that the reason people fail at internet marketing is because they loose focus and keep doing the 80% things that are not that important and will only contribute to 20% of your success thereby ignoring things that are really important.

Traffic Dashboard helps you cut down on this wastage of time by ensuring that all you need is available at one point and in an easily accessible form.

I liked the way these tools are organized at Traffic Dashboard and it is hence once of my biggest recommendations to anyone starting off on the internet.

You might want to check out Traffic Dashboard here.

About the author 

Dilip Kumar  -  

My name is Dilip. I am a fan of the internet and love the many opportunities that the world wide web provides. If used constructively , the internet can give you an opportunity to lead a life free of the 9-5 treadmill and will be able to give more time to your family members. Read about internet entrepreneurship at my blog.

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