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10 Absolutely Essential Tools You Need For Effective Twitter Marketing

June 20, 2015

Last Updated on - April 18, 2021  

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How Many Retweets did you get for your latest Blog Post?


I am not surprised. Because I was no different until about 6 months back. I had almost 10K followers on Twitter which I had built about 3 years back. I did not turn to Twitter for the last 3 years primarily because of the amount of Junk you would find there. I felt I could spend that time doing something else that was productive rather than waste it on Twitter.

But there was one thing that I was doing on Twitter. It was sharing valuable content. How, you ask?

It was using Twitterfeed. I had set this thing up about 5 years back with some RSS feeds including the RSS for this blog. It kept pulling in excellent content and tweeting them to my profile. So my activity never died. It was fresh even when I was not logging in or, tweeting anything personally.

One fine morning I logged into my Analytics Dashboard and checked for my referring sources. I was stumped. Twitter was the biggest referrer. Twitter was sending me 5 times the visitors I was getting from Facebook, and that too when I was not doing a thing on there.

What I had written off as junk was what was working for me. And I knew I had to spend time on Twitter.

What’s your take on Twitter?

Irrespective of the fact that you are active or, not active on Twitter, if you are not getting traffic to your site from this microblogging platform, then you are doing it wrong. Twitter can still be one big source of traffic and leads for your business. But you need to know how to do it right.

More importantly you need the right tools to manage Twitter. Else you might just find yourselves spending hours digging through piles of trash and not finding anything worthwhile.

The below 10 tools can simplify the process and give you amazing results with your Twitter marketing efforts.

10 Tools for Better Twitter Marketing and Management

I am a fan of automation. Internet Marketing is all about making money and time. And automation is an integral part of internet marketing. After all automation is what can give you free time.

All social media marketing needs some kind of automation built into it. That is what successful brands are doing. Else imagine the amount of time you will be spending on the big 4 social media sites – Twitter, Google +, Facebook and LinkedIn.

The below tools bring in a lot of automation to your Twitter marketing efforts, both in terms of content management and growth management. If used in conjunction with each other, these can deliver results that you wouldn’t have imagined.

Follower Wonk

It all starts with reaching out to the right people at the right time. Imagine if your followers on Twitter were most engaged during 9 AM till 1 PM and you send out tweets from 5 PM till 9 PM.

What are the chances that your tweets will be seen?

What will be the level of engagement on your tweets?

Follower Wonk has a nice analytical tool which can analyze your followers and can show you the hourly activity of your followers. This way you should be able to know the times when your followers are the most active and engaged.

Follower Wonk even has an option of importing the most active times to Buffer, which can help you schedule your tweets during these hours.


Visit Follower Wonk here.

Buffer App

If you are not using Buffer for your social media marketing, then you are wasting a lot of your precious time on unproductive things. Buffer is a must-have for social media. Once you start using it, you will get addicted to it. It saves us almost 3 hours everyday which is what we used to spend on social media, before we started using it.

Integrations with all the major Social Media sites including Pinterest, which is the latest addition makes scheduling updates to all of these social media sites a breeze. One click and you have scheduled to all your social media profiles. It is that simple.


With decent analytics for your tweets and updates, one click scheduling, re-buffering options, content suggestions and the option to add feeds, Buffer has everything you need to free up a lot of time on your calendar. This is a must-have if want to get the most out of your Twitter account.

Visit Buffer App here.


This is a nice tool that helps you with scheduling your tweets, analyzing your profile and building engagement with the influencers in your follower groups.


eClincher has a nice and simple dashboard. You could schedule your tweets to multiple Twitter profiles or, to other social media profiles. Something that I like the most about eClincher is that this tool allows you to repeat a tweet for upto a maximum of 7 days. So if you are posting about one of your latest blog posts you can just schedule it once in eClincher and make it repeat for the next 7 days, daily and it will keep sending the tweet out at the same time for the next 7 days.

The engagement feature is also handy. It lets you create a custom feed whereby you can monitor the activity on certain search keywords, hashtags, users etc. These feeds can then help you build your engagement with people.

The analytics is also pretty handy. You can see your tweet effectiveness, the performance of your profile, mentions and followers by country and analytics on the influencers in your following and followers.

Visit eClincher here.


This is an amazing tool to get the engagement going on your tweets. It works on a simple credit system. You retweet the tweets from other users which earns you credits. You can also buy credits. You can use these credits to post your tweet which is then re-tweeted by the other users of the service.


It is win-win for each of the users. Your tweets get a good amount of engagement because of the re-tweets and you also get access to a completely new audience. If your tweets provide value, this can also result in new followers and better exposure.

Visit Just Retweet here.


Crowdfire is another app that you might want to use if you want to keep a check on who you are following and who are following you. The problem with Twitter is that you might come across a lot of people who will join and send across a couple of tweets. Then they will go dormant. These accounts remain in Twitter but add no value except adding up to your follower or, following count. It is better that you filter these people.

Crowdfire helps you do that by showing you who are are your non-followers (people you are following but who are not following you), your inactive following, recent followers etc. These are all handy stats to decide on who you want to unfollow. You can even whitelist people so that you don’t accidentally unfollow them. Similarly you can blacklist people so that they don’t follow you ever.


You can follow people using the Keyword Follow or, the Copy Followers option. In Keyword follow, you can search for people using a specific keyword or, hashtag and then you can follow them. This is good if you are particularly interested in building a community around a specific niche. Similarly the “Copy Followers” feature helps you follow the followers of others. If you know a few influencers in your niche, you can search with their name and then follow their followers.

Crowdfire also has an automate feature which you can use to schedule direct messages to be sent to anyone following you. You can add multiple messages and each of these will be sent out in random.

Visit Crowdfire here.


This is another handy tool to manage your Twitter account. It is similar to Crowdfire in a lot of features with the addition that it comes with a lot more features in the Silver and Platinum plans.

Some additional features include unfollowing people who have the “Egg” avatar on their profile and people who do not have a bio. This helps filter out people who are not serious and the ones who might be spammy.

One of the best features of Tweepi is the option to follow users in a specific Twitter List. This has a lot of advantages that it appears on the face of it. Lists are extremely powerful on Twitter. Twitter lists are a collection of people who are interested in a specific niche or, topic. They are people who add value to discussion in this niche. Following them means that you are following people who are active in that specific niche.


Visit Tweepi here.


Twitfox is one of the best Twitter automation tools that I have used. Its features come in pretty handy if you want to grow your followers and influence.

How Twitfox works is pretty simple. You input keyword and phrases relevant to your niche. Twitfox keeps searching Twitter for users who are tweeting about these keywords and then depending upon your settings, favorites them, retweets them or, follows the people who tweeted that particular tweet.

Twitfox is a very effective tool. You will be able to build your follower base pretty quickly. The best part, they will be targeted to your niche. They would be people who would be interested in your niche. And what better way than to connect with people who are searching for something that you are offering.


Visit Twitfox here.


So we have spoken about some nice scheduling and management tools for Twitter. But, the key to building a following at Social Media is to provide valuable content. It is valuable content that will build engagement.

But where will you find so much content that you can use for your tweets.

One of the best tools to find content is Swayy. Swayy find the best content from the web based on your interests. All that you need to do is login using your Twitter account. Once logged in, you can add your interests or, choose from the suggested interests gathered from the activity on your Twitter account. And that’s it.

Swayy also has a decent scheduling feature using which you can schedule your tweets. The analytics will tell you the performance of your tweets.

Though it looks simple, Swayy is very powerful when it comes to finding content to share and tweet.


Visit Swayy here.


After the death of Google Reader, there was a void in the RSS reader space. But Feedly quickly filled this void and took over the batton from Google and began running. And they are doing just fine until now. In fact they are doing much better than Google Reader.

If you are not aware of Feedly, then it is an RSS reader service. You can add feeds to your account and Feedly will be ready with the latest from these feeds. With a simple to use dashboard and a lot of features, finding and adding RSS feeds is also easy in Feedly.

With Feedly, I never felt a lack of content, irrespective of it was for content curation or, for use on Twitter.


Visit Feedly here.

Content Gems

By now you might have noticed that I use more than one tools for all of my activities. It is because I don’t want to end up in a situation where one of these tools crashes and I have to start off from scratch. Relying on a single tool is not advisable more so because of the fact that it is technology not in your control and it always has a probability of failing.

Hence to find content, I use multiple tools, 3 to be precise.

The 3rd tool that I use is Content Gems.

This is another nice aggregator which scouts the web and find valuable content related to your interests. You can use these for your tweets, to post updates on Facebook or, for curation.

Content Gems is also pretty simple. You just need to create your interest and then add relevant keywords to each of these interests. And you are on. With the premium plans you can create multiple interests and add upto 50 keywords in each of these interests but the Free account only lets you create 2 interests. But that should be more than enough for beginners.

content gems

Visit Content Gems here.

Twitter Marketing is Still effective

If you were under the impression that Twitter was no more effective, then it is time you think twice. Because Twitter is still very much effective. And if done right, you could get excellent results.

These above tools will help you in your Twitter marketing. They will simplify the tasks, automate them and will free up a lot of time on your schedule and at the same time make Tweeting more enjoyable and fun.

If you liked this post, do share it with your friends using one of the share buttons below. Don’t forget to let me know your thoughts, suggestions and any questions that you may have, by commenting below.

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