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Now, Understand that there could be a long way and a short way of doing things.

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The long way is trying to figure out everything yourself, only to go around in circles. All that time wasted could have been put into something more worthwhile. Isn't it?

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Video # 1

Steps to disconnect from the Digital World and Enhance Your Life

In this video You will learn those 3 simple steps that you can immediately put to work that will help you to disconnect from the digital world.

Video # 2

Identifying if your digital devices are controlling your life

How do you know if your digital device is the real problem?

In this video we will look at those 5 critical signs that proves that your life is being controlled by your devices

Video # 3

Getting Ready to Break-up with your Mobile phone

In this video we will be talking about the initial steps required to get ready to break up from your mobile phone.

Video # 4

Things to do to be more present - The First Steps

Breaking up with your mobile phone is more than just putting your phone away. It is about diverting yourself and being more present.

In this video we will learn about some simple steps to do to be more present.

Video # 5

Breaking up with Social media to Reconnect with Life

Social media.. and harmful social media is the biggest reason for distraction.

In this video we will learn how to break up from harmful social media and reconnect with life again.

Video # 6

Developing a healthy relationship with your Devices

Our lives cannot be totally disconnected from the Digital World. Instead, we need to have a healthy relationship with them.

Now that we are ready to reconnect with life, let us see how we can build that healthy relationship with our devices.

Video # 7

Understanding the science behind your device and instant gratification

To connect healthily with our devices, we first need to understand the science behind our devices and instant gratification.

In this video we will be seeing how that works.

Video # 8

The Secret Ingredient to Improving Attention

How do we stay connected with our devices and still connect with life?

One of the ways is to improve attention.

In this video we will looking at a secret ingredient to improving attention so that we can reconnect healthily to our devices.

Video # 9

Changing your relationship with Social Media

In this very important lesson we will see how to change our relationship with Social Media and use them only as required.

Video # 10

Disconnecting to Improve Your Sleep

In this final lesson we will learn how to disconnect and improve your sleep to finally reclaim your life and spend time on doing everything that you love.

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Unplug-Gold Videos

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