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DKSP EP:48 – 5 Different Ways to Use Content Curation as part of Your Blogging Strategy

February 26, 2017

Last Updated on - February 26, 2017  

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ways to use content curation

What are the different ways to use Content Curation as part of your Blogging Strategy?

One of the questions I am asked the most, by people coming across my Content Curation course is the above. Most of them have never used content curation and they are absolutely unsure of how to and when to start using Content Curation as part of their blogging strategy.

In this episode I will be talking to you about 5 different ways to use Content Curation in your blogs. This is the fifth and the last part in a series on Content Curation.

You can find the other posts at the below links:

We will be closing off this series by discussing about how you can incorporate Content Curation into your content strategy and derive the maximum benefit out of it.

If you wish to learn more about Content Curation, you can check out my course at http://blogcurationblueprint.com

5 Ways to use Content Curation in Blogging

Content Curation not only helps in getting readymade content for your blogs, but also helps build relationship with influencers in your industry.

If you can incorporate Curation in your overall blogging strategy and build it into your overall plan, you will be able to build an influencer tag for yourself and at the same time generate a lot of traffic by ways of referrals.

But, how you would use content curation is something that you need to plan and decide.

Here are some of the things that we discuss in this episode –

  • 5 Ways I use Content Curation in my blog
  • A Curation technique that will help you build a relationship with influencers in your industry
  • An effortless content generation technique
  • How to get the most benefit out of Content Curation

Resources mentioned in this Episode

We didn’t discuss a lot of resources in this episode. But if you have been following me on this series you would know about the essential tools and resources for content curation.

Here are those –

Thank you for Joining

A sincere thanks to everyone who joined me on this episode today and for following me throughout this series. I am sure you would have learnt a lot about content curation and how you could use content curation as part of your overall content marketing.

I hope you enjoyed this show and particularly this episode.

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