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What are Managed IT Services and Why Do You Need Them?

October 4, 2011

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IT ServicesManaged IT services offer an effective way for companies to enjoy all the benefits of high quality IT services, through a range of outsourced solutions. For many companies who do not have an on-site IT department, traditional IT Support services have often meant expensive call outs and high monthly fees. The managed services model provides a fixed monthly service plan, which allows companies of all size to develop a monthly IT budget that will not vary drastically from month to month.

The managed services model is ideal for small to medium companies who do not have the capacity for in-house IT departments, who also wish to enjoy the high level of skill, experience and expertise that comes with an outsourced solution.

Primary Benefits of Managed IT Services

There are five primary benefits of managed IT services, which ensure a cost effective, integrated solution to meet any and every IT challenge within the company. These benefits include the following:

  1. Cost effective – as most managed services plans have a fixed rate depending on the specific requirements within the company, there are no hidden prices or high call out fees to worry about. This makes it easy to budget for IT needs, while still enjoying a full range of services such as networking, server management, basic IT and any other requirements that your company may have.
  2. Skilled technicians – compared to many in-house IT specialists, managed IT services technicians have a wide range of skills and received constant training to improve their skill sets. Rather than generic engineers who are able to perform most tasks at a basic or even intermediate level, managed IT companies employ specialists across a wide range of fields. This ensures that the right person will be able available for the job, which in turn improves systems and processes greatly.
  3. Increase productivity – in companies that do not have a full IT department, the role of computer related tasks is usually left to the person who has a fair amount of computer skills. Often, this person performs IT tasks in addition to their designated tasks, which can result in a lack of productivity. Managed IT services ensure a greater level of productivity by handling all aspects of IT needs professionally on an outsourced basis, leaving the designated computer person to focus on their primary job roles.
  4. Improved computer health – for computers to run at their optimal level, they need to be well maintained. This prevents small issues from becoming huge disasters. Regular tasks such as anti-virus protection, network management and server management aids to improve systems across the company, which in turn decreases downtime and helps to save money through expensive problem solving that comes when issues are not dealt with quickly.
  5. Hardware and software needs – not only can your outsourced IT company procure software and hardware requirements that are needed for your company, but they can also get these at discounted rates. This ensures that all computer requirements are kept up to date, while also saving additional money.

In this way, managed IT services offers a full range of services that offer great benefit to companies of all sizes and natures, for more effective systems throughout the company.

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