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What’s Unique about Twitter’s New Vine Service

March 15, 2013

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o-VINE-570Twitter is slowly inching its way to become a leader in social media. The micro-blogging website was used only for posting short notes by the users. Now, you can edit and share pictures as well. On January 24th, the social media platform tweeted about their new service called Vine. The new service is changing the way people share thoughts and ideas on the platform. It enables users to loop six seconds of any video content. It’s amazing to see how well the videos are inserted as a tweet. The videos run smoothly without any streaming issues.

Vine opens new ways to communicate with people. Twitter is known for their social media revolution. The platform brought together millions of people to one place. It will now provide visual information in similar speed. The app can be used for advertising, marketing, creating brand awareness, improve conversations and can be used to the advantage of other activities. Vine is unique compared to many other apps because:

Gets across a message quickly and effectively:

People don’t have the patience to read. They skim through the content provided. Though Twitter is a micro-blogging service, it grabs the attention of the users. Users tend to over-see content. A six-second video will automatically get their attention. It gets across the message effectively and quickly.

Helps popularize a product or brand:

If you want people tweeting and sharing your products, a simple way to achieve it is by conducting a contest. For example, you can ask people to post their most favorite product video on Vine and reward the best one.

Best app to post teasers:

If you want to get the attention of the users, Vine is a perfect platform to post teasers. With the 6-second time allotment, you can post an interesting video without revealing the actual product. It is a simple yet effective platform for posting teasers.

A long-term marketing tool:

Vine can be used as a long-term marketing tool. A six-second video means marketers can create interesting yet creative video or a series of videos to promote their product or service. Since the content has to be scheduled consistently, you will have people coming back to the page to check out new content that gets posted.

It provides plenty of opportunities:

It provides plenty of opportunities for small-scale businesses. Till now, people were able to provide only third-party video links which most udders don’t click to watch the actual video. With the six-second video option, marketers can directly post videos on the social networking site.

Though the app has plenty of advantages, it poses a few challenges as well. The biggest disadvantage is compiling a meaningful content within six seconds. Many think it is extremely easy to make a short video. However, people forget that one has to tell a story or convey the message within the allotted time. Six seconds is not much. Te video gets over in a blink of the eyes. People have to come with creative and effective content within the six seconds. If they can, then there is no better app than Vine to promote the particular video.

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