When will I start making money from my blog?



Is it possible to start making money from day one on the internet? I know that at least 75% of the people starting their journey on the internet would want to believe that.

Let me know shatter hopes. But at the same time let us also understand the real picture.

Nothing in this world, can help you earn money overnight. If it does then it is a scam.

So what is the fact? The fact is that the possibility that you would start earning money overnight from your blog or, for that matter any internet business that you start, is very less. Has that shattered you? Then let me set it straight for you.

There are numerous so-called gurus on the internet who promise that their system can help you generate substantial income in a week, 10 days, 15 days and so on. They promise on their success that they can help you do that. Do you trust them?

What according to you is ‘earnings’? If it a $10.00 that you found on your way to the pizza corner. Or, is it that $50.00 that the attendant in that restaurant forgot to charge you. If your definition of ‘earning’ is similar to any one of the above then rest assured that you would earn from the first day. If it is not then you will be able to understand why I said that you will not be able to earn.

Publicity and promotional activities take time. And it is only with substantial amount of promotional activities that you will be able to do business on the internet, given the kind of competition that exists today. You might even have a choice of going the Google Adwords way and paying $150.00 in CPC to earn about $35.00, irrespective of how much keyword research you do.

You have to set an earnings horizon for yourself much before you start off on your online venture – be it blogging or, any other internet marketing activities. In fact, you should add this to your business model. I would advice you to be realistic when you set this horizon for yourself. As you set off on your journey, you will find that there are days when you would earn a few odd dollars in sales or, advertisement revenues. These are bonuses. I consider them as the payments made to me by my company for the day-to-day petty expenses.

The biggest reason why most of the internet ventures fail is an unrealistic earning horizon. People feel they can start earning as much as their 9-5 job in 15 days, or, a month and set off on their first internet venture and spend a few thousand dollars in worthless products only to find that they are nowhere even after 2 months. Finally they quit.

Prepare yourself for a period of about 3-6 months and then start your first internet marketing venture. “Consistency and persistency is the name of the game”. Be persistent and consistent in your efforts and you will see success.

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