Why blog commenting does not get you any traffic?


Blog CommentingBlog commenting used to be one of the most preferred ways of getting blog traffic to your blogs. Many of the successful internet marketers and bloggers have talked about this is in their books and blogs. This was considered to be one of the easiest modes of getting traffic. But it is no more so!!

If you are surprised as to why your comments are not getting any traffic to your blogs, then the tough truth is that it won’t.

I know you are one of the very frequent visitors to those established blogs from an established blogger. Let me ask you a question. Have you ever read through the comments in the posts that you last read at one of these blogs? Did you click on any of the links to check out what the commentator has on his blog?

Hardly, right?

That is the truth. You do not do that. I even wonder if you have actually spent some time reading the post that you visited. If you didn’t, then you know the reason why your comments are not getting any traffic to your blogs.

The reason for this decline in traffic from comments has to do with the attitude with which a blogger frequents well know blogs. These days, there are very few genuinely interested readers. People come to a blog only with a view to get a backlink or, to post a comment, in the hope that they will get some traffic from it.

No Traffic from Comments

If you have ever taken the time out to read a few comments in one of those posts at problogger or, entrepreneurs journey, you will see a lot of comments saying, “Nice post, I enjoyed it”, “Good thought, You made my day”, “Well written, what a post?” etc. Are these comments relevant and adding to the post-value? I do not have a reason to think so.

Commenting on blogs is about adding value to the already valuable post. Most of the blogs these days are “No-Follow”. Hence expecting a backlink with comments like the above ones is utter foolishness and if you are one such blogger, then I would suggest that it is time you quit. But if your expectation is that you will get some traffic with a comment like the one above, then I will have no words to describe you.

What is the essence of commenting? When a reader reads through a blog post he will be looking for additional information on the topic or, some experts comments which could further build on the post. This is where comments come into play. It also helps the blogger to know what is good and what is not about the post he had written and also if he needs to improve on his writing. At times these comments also serve as a topic for a new post for the author of the blog. For a reader the comments provide additional value and it is then that he would be interested in knowing the details of the commentator. He would click through the link on the comment and visit the author’s page. Will a comment like the above do this?

Comment count explosion

These days the number of comments in a really good post is countless. There are numerous people commenting on blogs in an attempt to get a backlink or, a trickle of traffic (which does not happen) and most of these comments lack value and relevance. I as a reader to a blog would have wanted to read through the valuable comments to gather further information, but this comment count explosion restricts me. I would not want to spend time scanning through the numerous comments in an attempt to find a valuable comment. It is here that commenting has lost its charm.

Commenting, no more gets any traffic because nobody is interested in reading a comment or, clicking on one the links of a commentator to visit his site in an attempt to know more about him.

Spam Comments

The internet has gained its notoriety, thanks to its users – not the genuine ones, but the ones with a destructive mind. Such people are there everywhere. You will find them in the commentators as well. There are numerous spammers out there who spam your comment box with comments that are irrelevant, useless and are stuffed with links. The expectation is to get a few backlinks. There are numerous tools today to stop these spammers, but one drastic step that bloggers took to stop them was to put a “no-follow” on their comments. This means you have lost valuable backlinks that you could have got.

In spite of the fact that the tools stop spammers, there are quite a few spam comments that get approved in many of the blogs and the more valuable comments gets lost in these spam comments.

Commenting is no more a way of getting traffic to your website. At least that is what I feel. What is your opinion? Don’t forget to let me know about it.


3 thoughts on “Why blog commenting does not get you any traffic?”

  1. The observation above are correct. Especially those related to readers behavioral pattern throughout a blog.

    In addition to not supplying enough referral traffic to commenter's site, these days the wide majority of blogs are, as you pointed out, nofollow, making comments further useless, at least with Google.

    There is though one alternative to getting one way link from blogs, thus generating traffic to your site and this is by making available your writing services.

    Instead of wasting time submitting articles to countless Article Directories, better results can be obtained with guest posting on authority blogs in your niche.

    One last thing about comments is that the best results are obtained when you're among the first five to comment on highly trafficked blogs with tens of comments.

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