Why Depending Upon SEO Could Make a Dinosaur Out of Your Website?


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How much time do you spend on SEO for your website?

SEO or, Search Engine Optimization is the single biggest horror for most newbie internet marketer. But that is also the single most reliable source of traffic for most of these newbies. Blame it on the way they are programmed or, all the numerous free sources of information on starting an online business.

If you are starting off in internet marketing, you are sure to have read a few eBooks, browsed a few blogs and joined a few courses all of which teach you how to get free traffic to your websites.

The process is simple – setup a blog, write keyword rich articles, do keyword research, follow all the checklists for page optimization, build backlinks and social signals. If you have done all of this right, your site will rank in Google.

I am sure you followed all of those instructions to the “T”. So where did your site rank on Google?

If you are still struggling to find out your site’s position on Google, then it is time to start rethinking on your strategy.

Is SEO really a strategy you should use in 2015?

Since I started internet marketing there were 2 sites that I heavily relied on for all information related to SEO. It was SEOMoz and MajesticSEO.

Did you notice the change in the names of these authority sites in SEO. They decided to do away with the term “SEO” and renamed themselves to Moz and Majestic. What could be the reason?

Ranking in search engines have gone much beyond mere Search Engine Optimization and with Google changing algorithms and keeping pretty much everybody guessing, SEO is no more about on-page and off-page optimization.

And what all this means is that “you cannot rely on SEO for driving traffic to your properties”.

Traffic as a Commodity

It was Ryan Deiss that I heard this first from. I happened to watch a clip from one of his sessions at the Traffic and Conversion Summit 2015 and his analogy between “traffic generation and cooking rice for dinner” was something that impressed me. And this pressed upon the fact that indeed SEO is not a single reliable option for generating traffic.

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To rephrase what he said –

“If you want to cook rice for dinner what do you do? You can either go and plough your fields, sow the seeds and wait for it to grow until you can harvest it and get the rice that you need to cook for dinner or, you can go to the store and buy the amount of rice that you want and cook it for dinner.

The method that you follow will depend upon the criticality of the requirement. And so, just like rice if you need traffic today you don’t have a choice but to go to the store and buy traffic. You can choose to do SEO for your site and wait until Google ranks it on the first page and thus get some organic traffic. But it will take months, if not years for that to happen. And if you okay to stay hungry until that happens, then that is a choice that you can make.

Ryan proved the fact that “Traffic is a Commodity” and just like all other commodities, it can be bought at stores – stores like Facebook, Google, Media buys etc. And if you need traffic today, all you need to do is go to the store and buy it.

Buying Traffic with the End Objective in Mind

We know and agree for a fact that SEO cannot alone help you survive in your business. SEO cannot be the only thing that can help you make money. While you can use SEO to plan for your long term goals, your survival depends on you achieving your short-terms goals – goals that are set for as short a period as today. And to achieve these short term goals, you need to buy traffic.

But, is buying traffic as easy as it sounds?

If it was, then why are only the elite and the top internet marketers successful?

Why isn’t everybody who has some money to spend on buying traffic, able to generate all the traffic that they need and in turn make money out of it?

It is because of the difference in approach. If you are not buying traffic with the end objective in mind, then you might spend all the money that you have in buying traffic only to find yourselves with an empty bank account.

The objective of buying traffic is not to “drive visitors to your blog or, website”. Instead the end-objective could be one of many, like –

  1. building your list
  2. selling your product
  3. promoting your service and so on..

While you have the leisure of ignoring all of this if you are getting organic traffic because of all the SEO that you did, you don’t have that option if you are buying traffic.

Buy traffic only once you are ready for it. This in turn means, that you need to have everything ready along with a concrete plan on what you are going to do with the traffic that you are buying. Only then think of buying traffic.

Conclusion – SEO Vs Paid Traffic

Did I mean that you should let go of SEO?

No. Not really. Continue with whatever SEO you are doing for your site. But don’t spend all your time on it. Instead, if you are really keen on generating traffic to your sites, then go and buy the traffic that you need. And when you do that, ensure that you have a concrete plan on how you plan to convert that traffic into dollars.

Because.. buying traffic is all about re-investment. You need to generate dollars out of the traffic that you are generating and then re-invest it to buy even more traffic. When you reach a point where this happens regularly, you can rest assured that you traffic problems have been taken care off.