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Why You Should Pay Your Writers (and Pay Them Well)

July 6, 2012

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Blogging adviceThis is a guest post by Heather.You can read the guidelines for guest posting at our guest posting guidelines page.

In order to produce a successful blog, you need quality content. Most Internet marketers will tell you the same thing: When it comes to the best strategies for driving traffic to your blog, content is king.

Yet it can be difficult to produce all the quality content your blog needs while also working on marketing efforts to promote your brand and increase your traffic. Hiring writers can help you to provide this content while freeing you up to focus on promotion.

Many bloggers try to get away with paying $5-$10 per blog post — or sometimes to even hire them for free “for the experience.” However, it would be a mistake to do this. Here are a few reasons why you should pay your writers (and pay them well):

Quality Content

Of course, the best reason to pay writers is to get quality content. Anyone can slap together 500 words on a topic. A professional writer will take the time to write 500 words that really shine. If you want content that is compelling, well-written, and offers useful content for your readers, you should hire a professional to write it. And in order to get a professional to write your content, you’re going to have to pay well.

SEO Research

Most professional writers have an understanding of how to write for search-engine optimization, appropriately incorporating keywords. If you don’t use a professional writer with this experience, you will have to rewrite your content to incorporate those keywords. Save yourself the step and get appropriately optimized content by hiring a professional writer.


A professional writer offers much more than quality content. With a professional writer, you can ensure that you get content on deadline, professional communication, and prompt follow-up. The entire process is simplified, and you can be sure you have a reliable writer who provides the quality content you need when you need it.

Blog Authority and Credibility

Poor quality content hurts the credibility of your blog. When you hire a professional writer — and not just an article spinner or amateur who produced quick content for $5 — you elevate the authority of your blog. Readers learn to trust your blog and to see you as an authority. That, in turn, promotes the long-term success of your blog and improves your credibility in your niche.

Don’t be lured by the “ease” of cheap content. Sure, you’ll save a few bucks, but your blog will suffer for it in the long run. Hiring a professional writer means that you pay for their experience and training so that you get quality, search-engine optimized content that is produced on time and helps to improve the authority and credibility of your blog.

About the Author:

Heather Green is a Christian mom, freelance writer, pet lover and the resident blogger for OnlineNursingDegrees.org, a free informational website offering tips and advice about medical transcription degrees and online resources.

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