The WordPress Basics Course – How to Start a Blog With WordPress


If you are running an online site, it would most likely be on WordPress. I might not be wrong in saying that, Am I?

Just to put some facts together –

  • About 74.6 Million Sites run WordPress
  • About 18.9% of all self-hosted websites run on WordPress
  • WordPress is the most popular platform to run Business Websites
  • There is about 1 WordPress update every 1.2 weeks

It is unlikely that you are not surprised by these facts. The truth is that WordPress has become one of the premier platforms to run a website today. But another hard truth is that WordPress is one of the most sought after platform for hackers as well, thanks to the Open Source Code that WordPress and the WordPress plugins use.

Why should you Learn WordPress Basics

I have come across numerous people who are ready to pay anything upwards of $50/hr to people who can help them with installing wordpress on their servers.

Even funnier is the fact that installing WordPress actually takes only about 5-10 minutes if you are doing a clean installation for the first time. If you are migrating your site, it will not take more than 20 minutes, if you know how to do it. And I have seen people charging about $100-$150 for this simple task.

It is not a question of saving that $150.00. Rather it is a question of how many times will you have to go back to somebody else to get problems with you site rectified. Who will you go to, if your site gets hacked for some reason?

It is hence that it becomes imperative for every website owner to know the basics of how a WordPress installation works.

Learning the basics will help you take care of most of the minor problems that WordPress installations face. Simple errors can be resolved immediately and getting your site back up and running, in case of a hacker attack is also easy.

WordPress Basics Course – What to learn?

wordpress basics courseI still remember the first time I had installed a WordPress blog. WordPress itself was very simple, had a basic dashboard without all the bell and whistles. In spite of that Installing it took me about 15 minutes, primarily because of the fact that I did not know how to create a database.

WordPress is now in its version 3.9 and a lot has changed in there. Yet the installation and management is as simple as it used to be. But it still feels like a herculean task for somebody who has no clue of how to go about doing it.

It is hence that I put together this simple little course which teaches you the basics of WordPress. These are simple videos that look at each aspect in WordPress and ensure that you get a hold of everything that is important.

This course was selling on Udemy for about $40.00. But for a limited time, I have a coupon that can get you FREE instant access to the course.

Just click the link below and access the course for FREE today. And don’t forget to let me know your thoughts on the course.

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