How to Write the Most Effective Piece of Content for Your Marketing Strategy


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A lot of writers especially bloggers have been trying so hard to produce the most marketable content they could produce. Why? That is because it’s where the money is.

But you see, not all of them are successful in making content as compelling and as inviting as they would want it to be. In fact, only a handful can do it right in a sea of content marketing producers.

I am not here to tell you that creating great content marketing is as easy as a pie. It is only easy if you already know the ingredients of what make it more effective.

Interested now?

Here are the basic ingredients of an effective marketing:


If you are a writer who is given the task to produce content for marketing then the first thing you should be doing is trying to walk in your target audience’s shoes.

That’s right.

Because how would you know what you are going to write if you do not know what they want to know, what they are interested in or what they are fond of?

It is easy to say that you will just have to write something interesting but if it is not about your audience’s interest then how do you suppose to expect that they will buy into it?

So first and foremost, learn to walk in their shoes then write and produce your content.


The most successful contents are those that are being served with the right timing. The best example would be holidays. If you are planning to write something for your marketing purposes, you should take advantage of what holiday is in.

If it is about Christmas, then do something that has Christmas in it with Santa Claus or reindeer as your characters. Same goes with Valentines and the rest of the holidays of the year.


Trying to be consistent has been the same old challenge over the years in this industry. No matter how simple the word is, the act remains the part where it is hard to achieve.

If you are working with a brand, product and service, being inconsistent is the worst thing that you can do. That would be like killing all the things that you have started and randomly trying to revive it just when you feel like doing it.

There is no successful business without consistency. That statement alone says much about why you should stick to doing content marketing on a regular basis if you expect your product to succeed.

Identifying needs and what you can offer

Creating content should not be your only goal. Like I have said earlier, when you create a quality content marketing, you should keep in mind of what is your target customer’s needs.

Do not just think quality. You should also take into account of what you can offer versus what they want from you. Meeting halfway is your best bet and will create a tremendous opportunity for your strategies.

The question you should be asking yourself is do you have what they need? Can you deliver?

If so, start your creativity with those things in mind. People get interested if they can relate to what your content is about. It is not magic. It just simply is about connection and being relevant.

Do you think you can handle content marketing?

Do you believe that your skill can be as competitive as those who have tried and got successful?

If your answer is yes, I urge you to start as soon as possible. With a positive attitude, I am pretty sure that you can become good with this.

If you have more to add or you have thoughts you need to share regarding this article, please feel free to use the comment section so we could discuss it.

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William BournWilliam Bourn is one of the pillars of alongside his college peers. He functions as both writer and social media ambassador for their business.  He occasionally makes podcasts for students and newbie bloggers to better their writing. William continuously practices corporate social responsibility by donating to various foundations.