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Importance of M-commerce in the scenario of Ecommerce

April 25, 2013

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The world of business is changing with a rapid level due to the introduction of technologies like Mobile commerce (M-commerce) and Ecommerce. Not too long ago, that is, around 6 years back, Ecommerce and M-commerce concept started and industries started reporting an immense growth in the market.

Similarities of Ecommerce and M-commerce

Electronic commerce is all about buying and selling of products and services by an electronic mode, such as internet while M-commerce involves transferring or receiving the products or services through the mobile devices to computer networks and vice versa.

Many industries has employed Ecommerce solution such as payment system in the local and international market, supply chain and logistics, enterprise content management, group buying, instant messaging, automated online assistance, newsgroups, office suits, online banking, order tracking and shopping cart. While M-commerce covers industry domains like purchase, banking, marketing and advertising, storefront and brokerage and auction.

Users are allowed to book movie tickets through M-commerce over their phones by accessing internet and can get tickets send by the cinema people through various ecommerce technologies to their phones. Hence, people can escape from the crowd at the movie ticket window and just show the tickets at the gateway of cinema.

Apart from the above, people can get discount offers, coupons and loyalty cards on their phones and earn these offers at retail shops by showing their mobile phone. Mobile banking and online shopping is one of the good examples of M-commerce wherein a person can access his account through mobile phone and can make the shopping transactions.

Difference between Ecommerce and M-commerce

Through both involve buying and selling, there are many differences between Ecommerce and M-commerce. Ecommerce can be done only if you have the internet connectivity whereas M-commerce doesn’t need any internet connection. Using M-commerce, you can do video conferencing at places where there no internet connection. In case of Ecommerce, it needs internet connection as well as electricity to do video conferencing. M-commerce can be done even by a layman but Ecommerce needs good knowledge on internet.

However, M-commerce seems to cost more than Ecommerce. Based on technology, M-commerce is considered as a part f Ecommerce market because it provides users with the authority to make transactions through their mobile phones. For example, companies that outsource businesses are employing custom software development and contact clients through B2B Ecommerce. More examples for B2B practice models are Hewlett Packard, IBM, Dell and Cisco.

Increased use of internet has made Ecommerce draw the attention of market and people within the last few years. Besides online transactions, Ecommerce has also influenced customers’ lives when shopping at retail stores due to the use of swap machines where people pay through their credit/debit cards. Ecommerce can be done between 2 companies that is B2B or between companies and customers that is B2C.

A few years ago, people used online shopping market as a medium of convenience to buy things that were small and easy to pack. Since then, Ecommerce and Ecommerce technology was seen as the convenient option to in-store shopping and as it provided wide selection and easy access online shoppers often knew what they needed before visiting a website. As we mentioned earlier, product research determines purchasing habits online and it plays a vital role in shopping nowadays and that will increase because accessibility to shopping website is facilitated to all compatible electronic devices.

On the run, mobile communication sales have increased and automatically the amount of mobile commerce transactions has been going up. People are now expected to navigate broad marketplaces with a few swipes of finger on the touchscreen and hence in return, lots of products that were once considered to be in-store and showroom have become first products online. M-commerce also draws the attention of rich and poor customers to shop online. This demography is likely to enable people to visit an Ecommerce site at any time by a browser, app, or a mobile site.

Customers are pushed to the trends of Ecommerce and make a bigger force than offline purchases. With statistics more probable to pay for good mobile subscriptions and mobile access, users elevate their impulse to employ phone to do shopping. Apart from surfing the internet, listening to music, reading email and communicating over social networks, M-commerce has also become the next attraction in the mobile sector. Since smart phones are consistently bringing something new to their user navigation, it has become easy to find out why M-commerce is considered as a great force with all age groups and statistics in the long run.

Services offered by M-commerce

M-commerce offers many difference services to the users. Some fundamental services that people have been using for a long time include emailing and messaging. Internet access has become after the introduction of smart phones. M-commerce offers GPS, accessing digital content, finding locations, etc and include consumer services such as stock trading, commerce through mobile devices, ticketing, games, banking, sports, shopping, news and much more.

A wide range of benefits are offered to both services and customers by M-commerce. Customers can buy their needed product or service from any place through their mobile phone. This is a cost efficient as well as time saving method. People do not need to be physically present at a store when purchasing products or services from the store.

Service providers are given with the chance to reach a million mobile subscribers through M-commerce. It does not have physical or geographical limitations. The sophisticated technologies also make sure right security, dependability and privacy of user transactions and details. Hence, customers are employing this service more and more due to the convenience and consequently, it increases sales and income of service providers.

The future of the M-commerce is expected to have huge customer base with advanced tools and techniques. M-commerce will become an extremely popular way for service providers in their marketing jobs. Using M-commerce businesses will gain immense popularity and enhanced revenue in the long run.

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