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Why You Shouldn’t Launch a Blog Without YouTube in 2021!

launch a blog without youtube

So you did it. You figured out how to set up a website, you managed to buy a domain, and now you’re ready to launch your blog. But if you’re like most bloggers, you’re probably missing something…can you guess? There are far too many ways to sabotage the success of your new blog. One of … Read more

Amalinks Pro Review – Amazon Affiliate Marketing for Affiliates with no API access

amalinkspro review - featured

Amalinks Pro is a WordPress plugin that is a blessing for Amazon affiliate marketers and in this post, I will be doing a detailed Amalinks Pro Review. Most affiliate marketers start off with Amazon affiliate marketing. While it is not something that I would recommend anybody to completely rely on, but still the Amazon associate … Read more

Amazon Affiliate Program – 4 Advantages and Disadvantages

amazon affiliate program

Most affiliate marketers start off with Amazon affiliate marketing. But do you know that most of these affiliate marketers are violating the terms of Amazon in some way or, the other? Yes, you heard that right. In fact, I too was doing it all wrong until one day I got a stinker from Amazon. But … Read more

How to Start a Blog for FREE without ending up Disappointed in 3 months

how to start a blog for free

Did you just end up here while searching for “how to start a blog for FREE”? Then, you are going to be utterly disappointed. Because while I show you how you too can start your blog for free, I would ABSOLUTELY not recommend doing it. Why? Let me give you a backstory. The blog you … Read more

Affiliate Marketing Without a Website – A Proven Step-by-Step Guide

affiliate marketing without a website

Can you really do Affiliate marketing without a website? If you have just started affiliate marketing or, are planning to, then this guide is going to be extremely helpful for you. Affiliate marketing is one lucrative way to make money online, that a lot of newbies prefer. Why? Because of the notion that it is … Read more

Optimizepress Vs Thrive Themes – Full Comparison and Who Wins?

opimizepress 3.0 vs thrive architect

This Optimizepress Vs Thrive themes comparison post was earlier published on 5th February 2019 as an Optimizepress 3.0 Vs Thrive Architect comparison. Since it is some time that these 2 products hit the market, there’s a lot of change and it became imperative that I update it. Optimizepress – once the messiah of all marketers. … Read more

12 Tailwind Tribes to Join if You are in the Make Money Online Niche

Tailwind Tribes

Have you tried Tailwind Tribes yet? No! Then you are missing a key traffic source to your blogs. Before I get into what Tailwind tribes are, I think we will need to understand what Tailwind is and how does it work. So, it was about 3 years back that I joined Pinterest. But just like … Read more

Affiliate Marketing Vs MLM – 3 Things to Help You decide which is Better


Affiliate Marketing Vs MLM – How are they different? After I published my post on “what is affiliate marketing“, I got the above question from one of my email subscribers. He happened to pick on the term, “word of mouth” that I had frequently used in my post. His question was a genuine one and … Read more

5 Best WordPress Themes for Affiliate Marketing Blogs – Updated for 2020

wordpress theme for affiliate

What are the best WordPress themes for Affiliate Marketing Blogs? This was a post I had written about 4 years back and a lot has changed since then. So it made sense for me to update it with the latest and start a discussion on which are the best WordPress themes for affiliate marketing blogs, … Read more

5 Reasons Why Starting a Blog for Affiliate Marketing is the Best Strategy?

affiliate marketing blog

Is it a good idea to use a blog for affiliate marketing? This was one of the questions that I happened to answer on Quora a few weeks back. And it wasn’t the only question asking if blogging is a part of affiliate marketing. The internet marketing niche is a confusing one. The many aspects … Read more

What is Affiliate Marketing and How does it Work? – A Beginners Guide for 2020 and beyond


What is affiliate marketing? Search and you will find at least 10 different websites that will tell you that affiliate marketing is all about making bucket full of money without really doing any thing. If you fell for it and are here to get more information, then you are going to be utterly disappointed. But … Read more

Podcasts Vs Webinars – Which one is Better for YOU? – Infographic


Podcasts Vs Webinars – Which one is better? This question has been a subject of debate for years. Yet, there is no conclusive answer. Advocates of podcasts vouch for its reach and production value whereas supporters of webinars favor the engagement that it offers as also the ease of using it as a pre-sell channel. … Read more

Smartphone User Statistics that can help change Your SEO Strategy In 2020 (infographic)

smartphone user statistics

Smartphone user statistics? How are they even related to framing an SEO strategy? Okay! Let me explain. You put a lot of effort into ranking your business online. You write posts, optimize your content, tweak your code and even nurture relationships with influencers. All to convert your audience into subscribers or purchasers. And, while you … Read more

Top 10 Keyword Research Tools for SEO success this Year

keyword research tools

If you’re a Search Engine Optimization professional or SEO Specialist, you’ll know what your company or, clients demand from you. Every business wants to appear at the top rankings in Google searches for a variety of keywords. Keyword research is at the heart of SEO practices. Therefore, if you want to give your company/client the … Read more