Evolution of Social Commerce and How You Can Use it to Grow Your Business

social commerce

Shopping, and commerce in general, endured the biggest change with the commercialization of the internet in the 1990s, as companies started using ecommerce to bring products closer to the customers. It has been said many times before that the internet doesn’t have any boundaries, so it was a win-win situation for customers as well, as … Read more

Why do You Need an Endpoint Security and Protection Solution for Your Startup Business

endpoint security

Today’s business access to information is dramatically different from that of even a couple of decades ago. Now, it is much more likely that managers, corporate executives, sales reps and other staff are accessing data from mobile devices that simply didn’t exist years ago. The original need for computer network security was much simpler for … Read more

Best Black Friday 2016 Deals + Cyber Monday Deals on Internet Marketing Tools

best black friday 2016 deals

  It is the Best Black Friday 2016 deals time. Its holiday time in 2016 and with Thanksgiving starts some of the best discounted sales on the internet. This period is extremely crucial to a lot of businesses because around 30-35% of the total sales happens between Black Friday and Christmas. In the year 2015, … Read more

4 Ways to Integrate Traditional and Digital Marketing

Balanced marketing campaigns see the best results; here’s how People have been prophesying the doom of traditional marketing for at least 15 years now; and while digital marketing continues to consume a larger and larger share of the marketplace, traditional tools are far from obsolete. Americans still watch 3 ½ hours of live television every … Read more

Importance of M-commerce in the scenario of Ecommerce

The world of business is changing with a rapid level due to the introduction of technologies like Mobile commerce (M-commerce) and Ecommerce. Not too long ago, that is, around 6 years back, Ecommerce and M-commerce concept started and industries started reporting an immense growth in the market. Similarities of Ecommerce and M-commerce Electronic commerce is … Read more

5 Must-Have Apps for Entrepreneurs To Keep your business with you on the go

It can be hard to keep up with the office when you’re out travelling, drumming up investment and finding clients. Luckily, there are plenty of apps designed to help make your life easier, and we’ve scoured the App Store and Google Play for the best of the best. Here are some of the most effective … Read more

What Is PCI Compliance And SSL Certificates?

If you are expanding your online business, then you may consider using credit cards as an option for your customers to pay with. Since credit card information is highly confidential as it involves money transactions, you should protect it at all cost. The nature of the information is already classified. The thing is that it … Read more

Is Your Network Ready for BYOD?

BYOD is an acronym that stands for bring your own device. What this essentially means is running an office or office network, whereby employees will need to bring their own devices to work rather than have computers and equipment provided at the office. BYOD is made extremely simple with new technology that increases business capabilities. … Read more

Call Me On Skype! Here’s How to Do It

Has anyone ever asked you if you’re on Skype?  Whether for work or for entertainment, Skype is now one of the top forms of communication online, rivaling texting, instant messaging, email and even telephone conversations.  Interestingly, telephony has actually been around for decades, even though mainstream consumers have only recently begun to appreciate its benefits.  … Read more

What is Business analytics? Why Use it and How to Use it?


Statistics have shown that the average person tends to over-estimate his or her capabilities when personally analyzing his/her abilities and this over estimation is in most cases transferred to our business dealings, which begs the need for relying on a more data driven analysis when taking business decisions while churning your self belief or intuition. … Read more

5 Tips for Protecting Personal Data


The variety of devices people use to connect to the Internet continues grow at an astounding rate.  While this is incredibly convenient for users, it also increases the risk of losing personal data.  A solid Internet security strategy addresses multiple ways personal data can be compromised. Be Security Conscious When Connected to the Internet The … Read more