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Google’s New Privacy Policy and its Impact

January 27, 2012

Last Updated on - January 27, 2012  

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Privacy Policy

I received a mail from Google a couple of days back on their Privacy Policy, because I use a lot of services offered by Google. I am sure you too would have received one such email with the subject reading, “Changes to Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service” because you too would be using some or, the other service from Google.

Google has become a part of every internet users daily life, given the range of services they offer.

So what does this change in privacy policy and terms of service mean for me and you?

The email  looked very impressive, more so the beginning which said that they are now consolidating all the policies across all the various services they offer so that there is only a single policy.

But that is not where the story ends. There is a lot more to it. What was there in the overview sent as part of the email and available at their website was only the good things. There were a few other things as well that were of more importance to me and you.

Impact of Google’s Privacy Policy Change

A change in privacy policy is certain to impact the user. If there is one thing that is negative about the internet it is about the privacy intrusion. Since you share a lot of information on the internet while you surf,your privacy is always at risk.

Though all websites follow stringent measures to keep your information private, there can still be loopholes.

Things that you should note regarding the change in Google’s privacy policy are –

  • Google will now use the information that you provide while using their services both explicit and implicit, for the purposes of understanding your tastes and choices and provide better services to you in the future.
  • In addition to the information that you explicitly provide them they will also collect information from your usage of their services. This includes device information, log information, location information etc.
  • Google will keep these information across the many servers that they have around the globe.

Is this alarming?

Though it is not alarming, it still needs attention. Storing and using your personal information could mean that your information is readily available if somebody needs it. I trust Google to keep this secure, yet there is always that element of fear; what if it falls into the wrong hands.

It is hence that this change in privacy policy has a severe impact of the users.

Is there something you can do about it?

Probably not too much, if you cannot do without using Google.

Read the complete changes to the privacy policy here.

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