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Why Google is Using SEO to Steal Search Results from Other Social Media Sites?

January 23, 2012

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effective seo techniquesThis is a guest post by Britney on Effective SEO techniques that you can learn from Google. You can check out the guidelines for guest posting on our write for us page.

Anyone who has taken a close look at their own Google Plus profile may have noticed something a little weird. The profile immediately ranks highly in the search engine for searches including their own name.

In other words: while you may have several other online identities (I have at least four), which you have built up naturally through months or even years of hard work – your Google identity has pipped them all to the post and taken number one ranking. That’s in sharp contra distinction to the received wisdom about social media SEO – namely that it takes time and effort to build a profile that starts to have an effect.

It is not just profiles either. Google Plus posts are also ranking highly when I search for my name.

So is Google cheating? No. It is simply using extremely savvy and effective SEO techniques to beat the competition. That’s hardly a surprise. Google ranking is the be all and end all for most SEO campaigns, so it makes sense that the company whose algorithms we all spend so much time trying to beat is head of its own league table.

Google’s Effective SEO Techniques

While we know that Googles uses very effective SEO techniques, how can I benefit from them. The secret is to crack those SEO techniques and start to use them for yourself.

Here’s the lowdown:

Make an Incentive out of Your Inbound Links

Google will let an author display a photo with a link, if that author agrees to add a Google Plus link to their page. Which of course delivers a range of extremely high quality, influential links. No wonder Google’s own engine likes its Plus One profiles so much! Very effective SEO techniques indeed.

Link Internally 

Google Plus is the paragon for adding internal links. On your Google Plus profile, you can be in as many circles as you have interests – and it is really easy to include people in your own circle too. While you can struggle, in the other social media streams, to build a notable amount of followers, Google Plus lets you do it almost instantly.

Here’s the thing: having 1,000 followers is not practical in a social sense unless you intend never to do any real work again. But in an SEO sense it is gold. The more followers you have the more linking opportunities you create. Score two for Google Plus.

Make Sure Your Content is Easy to Index

The more information you can give to a search engine, in your social media profile, the better you are indexed. It’s that simple. My Google Plus profile, which does not suffer the character limitation imposed on you by Twitter (so I can go on and on, putting in as much stuff as I deem appropriate), means I get indexed for my post text, my photos and all my links – whether those links are from people who have added me to their circles or from the things I have plus one’d online.

It’s the old story – the more content you have, the more meat and drink there is for a web bot to get its teeth into. Google Plus One allows you to structure your information cleanly too, which means the web spiders can index it with ease.

Never Forget How to Optimise Your Own Pages

On page optimization is still one of the pillars of good SEO. Descriptive title tags are better than non descriptive ones. When you use Google Plus to post, it creates a title tag for you that includes your name in first spot in the title tag description strong.

Publicize Everything

The more social media posts you make publicly, the more they will be crawled by search engine spiders. Sharing information with the web bots is what gets you noticed. Remember that when your posts are private no-one knows you are home.

Google’s Effective SEO techniques – What we learnt?

Who better to learn SEO from that the grand daddy of SEO. In fact all that SEO that we all do; isn’t it to impress the Google God. So when that is the real story why not learn from the author himself.

Having said that, there’s a problem with what Google is doing – which is that soon everything you search for will be a Google result. Unless other businesses start to use Google’s own tactics in their social media SEO.

About the Author:

Britney Danila is a Freelance and Staff writer who writes informative & creative articles on Television and Technology for various technology related companies including broadband expert. Her expertise is in writing articles related to technology, SEO and PPC articles for SEO Company , etc.

About the author 

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