A social bookmarking software is a good tool for increasing the traffic going to your blog. But before you do so, ensure that your site is optimized for the big search engines on the internet. What this means is that you should have the expertise of a professional search engine optimization service provider, before you even attempt to bookmark your site.

A lot of webpage owners do not take the extra trouble to do this. This may not be a good practice as it can affect the success of your campaign.

If you are working on a blogging system, then it is important to ensure that you have tags on your blogs. This helps the search engines in comprehending what you are up to, and therefore save you much difficulty afterwards.

A social bookmarking program can be used for dropping links going to your personal site. This process is natural for bookmarking, since an account bookmarks lots of sites. If you are into link building, create links from such social sites going to additional sites beside your own. You can have a improved odds of good results if you are going to do this. You should also try to let the search engines know what you’re doing with your social bookmarking program. You can find ping sites on the internet where you are able to ping your bookmarks for this purpose. Spiders for the search engines are continuously on these types of ping sites. Pinging will allow them to follow your links back to the social bookmarks. They are then going to index all of them.

If you can understand how to use your bookmarking script in the suitable manner, you’ll be able to increase traffic going to your site. Ensure that your site is continually optimized for the big search engines and you will experience continued success.

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    Black Belt Live Case Study Review

    A few days from now Black Belt Live Case Study will be launching. The Black Belt Live Case Study was presented live and is now converted into a 109 page training manual with 22 videos.
    One great way to make money online is by promoting products on the Clickbank network. It is also one of the easiest to get started with.


    Traffic is the most important commodity online and getting it is the main issue marketers face. While Google AdWords is known to deliver quality traffic, affiliate marketers often lose money first before they start making any. Many never recoup.

    Black Belt Live Case Study is an actual case study of an actual ClickBank product promoted through Google AdWords. The live case study reveals how an account was brought out of the negative and turned profitable in just two weeks.

    This training manual has a total of 9 chapters. The best part for me was Chapter 2.1 – 2.3 that talks about:

    • market research, evaluating a market for profitability
    • other websites that reveal clues to the profitability of a market
    • a simple formula / swipe file to use when researching a market

    Market research is a very important aspect of affiliate marketing. You are likely to fail if you do market research wrong. Many times, affiliate marketers go about with market research the wrong way. In the manual, Mark goes to great lengths to explain how market research is done. It also explains as to what is it that you need to do to understand the market. If you know a market very well and know what their problems and issues are, you will also be able to draft the perfect pre-sell that speaks to them.

    Both newbies and advanced marketers are certainly going to benefit from the information presented in the manual, so better get the Black Belt Live Case Study before your competitors do and deal you with a fatal chop.

    black belt live case study review

    You can also visit the Black Belt Live Case Study official website by clicking this link.

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    With the way the economy has been these days, people are losing their jobs or, have to deal with pay cuts. This situation has caused many people flock to the Internet to replace their income by starting legitimate home based online business opportunities.

    With tons of opportunities available, most jump at the first one that seems promising and often end up selecting a wrong one resulting in failure and de-motivation.

    Starting an online business is not easy money, you do have to be motivated and put a lot of efforts into it. You most likely will not become a millionaire in a month by promoting weight-loss pills. Online business success requires a lot of research and learning the ropes of what kind of business to start and how to operate it.

    Five Reasons Your Online Business will Fail:

    The success of your online business depends upon a lot of things. There could be a lot many blog posts that will teach you about everything that you should do to make your business a success. But it often happens that just because you are not aware of what not to do, you  ignorantly do it and in the process set your business up for a failure.

    So let us discuss the 5 prime reasons why your business could fail.

    Not Taking Action – You can set your business up for failure by not taking action at all. Coming up with a good business idea and not acting on it is a common cause of failure. If you want to succeed online, you need to make it happen.

    Unrealistic Expectations – This is one of the biggest reasons for failure. When results are not as expected, it can cause disappointment and can make you want to quit. Set realistic goals and keep them reachable and when you reach them you will be proud of the progress.

    Lack of Commitment – The success of an online business has only one ingredient and that is commitment. You are likely not to finish what you started without dedication. You have to be committed to your business and never give up.

    Not Being Prepared – Another recipe for failure is lack of preparation. Not being prepared will cause you not knowing what actions to take and when. Make sure you know as much as possible before jumping into an online business.

    Lack of Passion and Excitement – Not being interested in or, passionate about what you are doing can kill your motivation. A business you are passionate about will keep you excited and motivated and you will have a much better chance of succeeding.

    The possibility of running a successful home based online business is very possible. You need to never give up and stick to your plan. Like any successful business, it does take time and effort. Be patient, don’t give up if results don’t happen right away. Make realistic goals and follow through with everything you need to do to make your online business successful.

    There are thousands of home business opportunities that are available on the internet. You just need to find one that you are most interested in. If you are able to find one, you are more likely to succeed with the home business opportunity you select.

    You can have a look at machMEDIA to get more information about online business opportunities

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    Scores of individuals are seeking a new job where they can work at home and still make a good income. Search the Internet for the term “work you can do from home”, and you may be shocked with the number of websites. In addition to a few genuine websites, there are many work at home scams as well that you may find all around on the web and you need to watch out for.

    Here’s a couple of things to stay away from as you look for a honest work at home job.

    Firstly, be cautious of jobs that promise you can get rich quickly. If it sounds too good to be real, it probably is. Be careful of offers that expect you to send money to obtain details about the opportunity or, expect you to purchase something to begin using the program. Almost all legitimate work at home job ads do not demand any money to start. Be cautious of overinflated claims of how good the product is.

    These ads ask you to invest in a huge money making program, that you either won’t receive or, is a lot more difficult to sell than they convinced you to believe. You may also be asked to sell a fallacious system to others.

    Common work from home employment schemes involve stuffing packages, work at home assembly, chain letters and filling out insurance claim forms. These scams usually involve collecting money upfront for training or, for products which are never really available. The work at home assembly programs often leave people with products they assemble and don’t get paid for.

    Work at home employment scams won’t ever extend you a steady wage for a certain job. They might use personal recommendation involving the productivity of their system, but never using anyone’s names. Work from home employment schemes will not normally call for a previous experience, nonetheless they guarantee that you will earn huge profits.

    Avoid work at home opportunity ads with punctuation errors or, ads that use all capitals. This is a solid indication that the organization is not professional. Be sure to look for the business organization’s contact information in the work at home offer. No contact information ordinarily means that it is not a real offer for work. Vague job details are also common of a scam.

    If you fall victim to a work at home job scam, inform the company you are unhappy and want a refund. If they reject your request to send you a repayment, inform local law enforcement officials and the local Better Business Bureau. Keep a file of all your communication with the company such as emails and letters and start a file with all the information.

    There are genuine work at home opportunities online as well. But you must protect yourself by staying away from the typical traps of work at home opportunity scams.

    A good way to begin earning money is by starting an online business. By starting your own internet business you can be pretty certain you’re not going to be ripped off. Of course there are programs out there that can teach you how to create your own web based business and some of them are scams. The best way, to be positive not to be ripped off by one of these opportunities is by taking advantage of an online business review site to find the right system for you.

    A good site to begin with is: 1stbusinessreview.com, they examine internet opportunities and tell you about the ones that really work, on there site.

    Photograph courtesy Svilen Milev

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    Wp-Incentive Plugin

    Commenting has been one of the most preferred forms of interaction with any blog. Not just an interaction, rather commenting these days have been serving as a medium of gaining backlinks and traffic to websites as well.

    There has been quite a bit of debate on the amount of traffic that one could get from commenting on other blogs, but the fact remains that there is good enough traffic that still comes from commenting on other successful blogs in a similar niche, even though most of the comments are “no-follow” these days.

    Blogging is all about interaction and interacting with readers gives ideas for better research and products which in turn help bloggers churn out better articles. Similar has been an endeavor at DK Speaks as well. I have always welcomed comments from my readers and have ensured that I implement feedbacks that I have received in each of these comments.

    All links in comments in my blogs are do-follow and in doing this my objective was to give away a backlink to anybody who commented on my blog. That was an incentive for the time you took out of your schedule to read my blogs post and comment on it.

    It was while I was researching better ways of rewarding my readers who comment, that I stumble upon an amazing plugin that could fulfill my needs and could help me do something extra for all my commentators.

    Now on, for comments that you leave you will get a surprise gift as an incentive. Comments will be picked at random and prizes shall be given away. There are exciting ebooks, softwares, scripts and more to be given away and all of these are up for grabs. The more the number of comments, the better the prizes will be.So you can start commenting right away and tell me your opinion about this idea of mine.

    Now, you might be wondering as to what this plugin is?

    This plugin is called as WP-incentive and is amazingly useful to build relationships in the blogging world. It is extremely simple and easy to install and if properly planned and used could yield extremely good results.

    What is even more interesting is its prize!!

    This plugin is available for a special beta launch price of only $9.97 for a limited period. So go ahead and order your copy of WP-Incentive, today itself.

    Order it right away now!!

    Photograph courtesy MarcinMoga / Lolek

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    Search Engine traffic is one of the most sought after by any internet marketer. The importance of search engine traffic has risen over the past few years and everybody is trying everything to get the attention of these search engines. A lot of internet vendors begin to get baffled because of search engines regularly altering their algorithms.

    Dealing with the changing algorithms:

    There are a lot of simple practices that remain the same through out time and can help you deal with this situation. If you apply these simple tips to boost your search engine rankings, your probability of success will improve a great extent:

    1. Do not be too ready to change domain names. Google has had a certain delay for indexing any new URL – with a new domain it can take up to 6 months to a year in order for your keyword terms to begin showing up in the search engine results.
    2. Build your web pages for your customers, not the search engine bots. Always consider what impression your web page leaves with your users – you will create a better site that the engines will explore.
    3. Perform Extensive Keyword Research. Everything else you do will revolve around the keywords you choose, so it’s essential you choose the best keywords. WordTracker.com and KeywordDiscovery.com are two keyword tools that give you what words people are looking for and recommends words you can take advantage of.
    4. Design and categorize your web page architecture and navigation buttons based on your keyword phrases. Your homepage should be optimized for the basic keyword phrases.Your inner web pages should be optimized for the specific keyword phrases. If possible, use keywords as your navigation phrases.
    5. Create your web pages to be “crawler” friendly. Search engines send out “bots ” to amass selective information about your URL so they understand how to place your sites in the search engine results.
    6. Design your navigation buttons by using HTML, not JavaScript Crawlers don’t know how to decipher JavaScript and they will not be capable to read your selective information.
    7. Do not use Flash to design your site – there is absolutely zero for the bots to gather. If they can not access your website, they can not categorize your URL.
    8. Double check to be sure your website is HTML, not just a image of a text document. Your website may look like HTML. But if you have got a text image, all that the bots will see is a blank URL.
    9. Use anchor text on your web page text links. Among the text links on your page, employ the phrase that best depicts the web page you’re choosing to go to.
    10. You should not be married to any one keyword phrase. Optimize for all the pertinent keyword phrases. If you can rank highly for a good amount of the keyword phrases, they are going to add up to a lot more than just one keyword phrase that you think is the big money keyword.

    In case you want to find out more about search engine submission, then visit Flight Search Engine Submission Service. You will find a great backlinking and search engine submission service.

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    A huge number of websites contest to be amongst the first couple of websites in the search engine results. This placement yields them a larger chance of receiving more buyers opposed to sites with lower page placement.

    Web based sellers take advantage of assorted online tools to achieve these top search results and it is true that one of the most significant ones, although most others do not recognize, is researching your keywords.

    On that point, there are a lot of techniques for optimizing a website to obtain high search engine rankings. Because of the fact that  nearly all visits to a website start with a click from a search, optimizing a website for the correct keywords is very important.

    This is why keyword research is so crucial.

    It is extremely important that you are able to optimize your site for all relevant and probable keywords and keyword phrases to be able to rank amongst the top rank websites. You can hardly afford to speculate for the keywords most often used as search terms by people or, else you’ll see your businesses begin to go belly up.

    Starting to research for the right long tail keywords for your site, doesn’t just take one or two days. It could more often than not, take a few weeks.

    A few obvious questions that you will have at this juncture are  -

    • If what you are saying is true, how can people with just a little bit of time to put in, maintain or, increase the placement in the search engines?
    • I am sure that it can be done, but how can I be sure that is is going to be done consistently and professionally?

    Hiring a new employee to do the work can be costly for a company especially if it is just beginning to earn. This is where a lot of people rely on a webmaster staffing service.

    Webmaster Training Service -

    Obtaining someone from a webmaster staffing company to do the necessary keyword research and other services won’t do you any harm; on the contrary, it will help your business. Your company wouldn’t have to allow for work space for the new worker because they will be doing their job in their own space but they will still be working for you.

    In addition, you are free from having to train the new employee. People from webmaster staffing companies like Agents of Value, are already trained and have passed an encompassing screening process and this allows these webmaster staffing companies to offer some of the top services.

    Opting to obtain people from a webmaster staffing company can lower your overhead costs like paid vacation. This companies also charge lower for their help compared to other options so you will be able to save in your labor cost. You’ll find that most outsourcing offices are located in parts of the world with a cheaper cost of living.

    Your keyword research may seem so easy but deciding on the best ones involves time and effort. Only persons who have the extra time, knowledge and proper training can do this properly. If you want to force your websites in the top 10 of the search engine listings, do your keyword phrase research.

    Once you have the right keywords, don’t forget to submit your site to the search engines. You can do this manually or you can use a search engine submission service. No matter which way you go search engine submission is vital to make sure your site and pages are indexed in the search engines.

    Photograph courtesy Svilen Milev

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    If you do not know what the Membership Site Mastermind is all about your should read my post here about this course from Yaro Starak.

    The last time this course opened the seats were filled even before I could complete the post about the course. I am not sure how long this will remain, this time round.

    For those of you who do not know Yaro, let me tell you something about him and his course. Yaro is one of the most respected bloggers around and someone who has made a living blogging. He has a very successful blog at Entrepreneurs Journey. He has been teaching how to create and run an online business from a blog and how to make a living out of this blog.

    Having said that I should also say that he is one of the pioneers in launching a membership site. His first membership site launch was a huge success.

    His “Membership Site Mastermind” course is something that teaches you how to launch a membership site and be successful in doing it.

    This course is open and is accepting new members. You can check it out right now. Sign up for the Membership Site Mastermind course now.

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    URL submission to large search engines and URL directories is continually done incorrectly. Here you will learn to obtain the best possible outcome from your search engine and URL directory submissions.

    The Strategy:

    Deal with your search engine submissions and URL directory submissions separately.

    Most individuals wrongly think that search engines and site directories are pretty much the same. You should remember, a search engine employs a system that goes through web pages for specific keywords and yields a list of websites. Furthermore a search engine consists of 2 parts, a crawler and an indexer. The crawler is the system that uncovers the web pages, and the indexer, accumulates, dissects and hives away information to perform fast and accurate information recovery.

    A site directory trusts on individuals for there website listings. The largest difference between a search engine and a site directory is that a site directory will not make use of a crawler or spider. In other words, a site directory won’t list your site if you do not register with the site directory. Site directories are usually split up into specific categories and you must submit your web page under the most appropriate category.

    Since the search engines and URL directories are so different, you must develop your submission strategies on an individual basis.

    Some Search Engine Submission Tips For Your URL.

    • To receive optimal results in search engines and website directory inquiries, keywords and key concepts should be placed strategically within your web pages.
    • Other components that affect search engine results are the layout of your site, how often your keywords are placed in your site, keyword prominence, and keyword placement.
    • Be sure to submit single website pages to search engines. You are only allowed to submit your main URL to all the site directories.
    • In general, we prefer to present 3-7 pages at a time to the engines to avert a spam punishment. Keeping this in mind, we do not advise that you present the same pages to the search engines within a short time.
    • We suggest that you should get your main page accepted in a URL directory before you try to have more of your other website pages listed. This way you will stand a greater chance of having a greater extent of pages listed in a URL directory if your main page has been indexed initially. The time that passes between website submission and addition to the search engines or website directories results is known as the lead time. Keep it at a reasonable limit.

    Monitoring your Submissions:

    We are avid believers in employing high quality site statistics programs. In fact, we can’t believe that anyone can have a winning web based business without it.

    You can see the results of your search engine optimization and link building exertions in your website stats. You will be able to examine the keywords used, the URL’s giving you the most visitors, the website browsers used to view your homepage, the time your URL is seen, etc. Watching this information will allow you a well defined profile of your site’s traffic.

    Afterwards, using this data, you can tweak the HTML and content to the fullest to better accommodate your visitors.

    A home based online business that practices search engine optimization as a web based marketing system, will use this submission, watching, and tweaking system. URL submission is a constant, ongoing process due to the fact that search engines invariably modify their listing algorithms.

    We advise that you resubmit a web page to the main search engines once a month or, if there has been a significant modification to a website or if a page has been dropped from the results.

    If your web page has been indexed into a site directory, you may then submit other web pages inside your main URL to other categories in the directories. Following the fact that your URL has been admitted to a site directory, you should not be required to resubmit it to the same directory again unless your business has radically changed and your site now belongs in a different URL category.

    Photograph courtesy Kriss Szkurlatowski

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    This is a guest post by Jason Capshaw. In case you too, wish to write for us, you can check the guidelines here.

    There are real positives to building a large quantity of links, even low-value links. With large amounts of links, you have the opportunity to vary your anchor text across multiple pages.

    It is clear that your domain authority is partly determined by the total number of inbound links from other domains. You may have 2,000 links spread across only 200 domains. If this is the case, building the sheer number of inbound domains linking in will increase your domain authority.

    Can I get a bad link?

    There has been much debate about “bad neighborhoods” and questionable links. Often times, people argue that links from these bad neighborhoods can result in Google assuming you’re spamming. However, if that were the case, I could simply buy links on Chinese gambling and porn sites for my competitors and watch them drop in the rankings.

    For years, porn sites linked to Disney from the front page for those who did not choose the enter button. All of these questionable links did not result in Disney losing their ranking. The fact is Disney did not control the inbound links to their site–truly, none of us do.

    There is really no such thing as a bad link.  There is simply bad-link acquisition. If you automate your link building and get 100,000 links in a short period of time, Google will sniff it out as spam. You can actually do this on a much smaller scale by using the same anchor text over and over again linking to a specific page.

    The real issue is that Google simply starts discounting links when they appear questionable. If they find something on a website that indicates spamming, they may take that into consideration and drop your rankings.

    Link bait

    Link bait is the most effective way to build the number of inbound links. It looks completely natural because it is natural. Google even endorses this method.

    Build pages with content that attract visitors and links. It’s a good idea to target people who have the ability to link to you such as bloggers or social-media users.

    Directory link building

    Directories are still an effective form of link building. Make sure that the directory has a review policy where your site can be rejected, and you DON’T get a refund. If this is the case, you will find Google gives credit for the link. There are thousands of these available at cheap prices.

    Article marketing

    Writing and submitting articles to article directories is still an effective link-building technique. If the article gets syndicated, you can even pick up additional links.

    Using an article syndication service may hold some value. You can usually get it done for a cheap price and pick up a good amount of inbound links. I would not rely primarily on this link building technique though, because of abuse, many of these sites have been discounted.

    Content scrapers

    Don’t spam, just get the spammers to help you. Enticing spammers to steal your content can bring in thousands of links.

    Always, and I do mean always, link to yourself in your content. Ping as many services as possible with every piece of content. Over time, you will find that your content is being picked up by scrapers. Most of the time, they will leave the link in place, so you get some value.

    There are many ways to get large quantities of links. The most effective tactics are completely natural. However, you can still rank well with manually-built links.

    About the AUTHOR:

    Jason Capshaw owns an Atlanta Web design and seo services company. He resides in Hampton, GA with his wife and two children.

    Photograph courtesy Daniel

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