I have been playing around with this thought of writing a weekly roundup post every week. A lot of blogs have been doing this and I, as a reader have been particularly impressed with this method of providing  a snapshot of relevant content from around the web. This has helped me a lot in the way that, I did not have to read through thousands of other posts to find the best ones.

The thought that my readers can also take advantage of such a form of presenting informative posts, if I write a weekly roundup, kind of pumped me up to toy around with the idea.

This week, in the the first of such a roundup, we will be looking at some of the best posts from around the web on the topic – Blogging. The topics have been presented in no order and I am sure you will gain something out of each of these posts.

Are You Wasting Time Guest Posting?

This guest post is by Dan Norris of Web Control Room. Guest posting is up near the top of every list of ways to grow your blog. The problem is, if you don’t do it correctly, you are more or less wasting your time. I’ve been writing guest posts for a long time as a….Read the full article

Learning To Market Your Products On Social Sites

When deciding to market your products within any of the many social communities found online your sales tactics will likely need to be altered! The sales and marketing strategies that give you the best results at social sites are much more subtle which calls for your patience and …Read the full article

How to create a social media marketing plan

You can’t have a good social media campaign without a good, solid plan. Here are the six steps that you will need to make in order to achieve that. The first step is determining your limits. Before you start making any plans, make sure you know how much time and money you are willing to …Read the full article

Are Your Recurring Blogging Tasks Making You Crazy?

This guest post is by Timo Kiander of Productivesuperdad.com. What’s the one similarity between these blogging tasks? approving comments on your blog proofreading posts writing and preparing your post to be published (finding images, SEO, setting tags and categories, and so on) keeping yourself up to date with social media writing guest posts recording a video…Read the full article

How to be More Productive Online – 5 Proven Tips

The Internet gives us unprecedented power to produce, but it simultaneously offers unprecedented opportunity to distract ourselves. Slip into the bottomless abyss of email, StumbleUpon, YouTube, and your myriad social feeds… and you may as well throw your goals for the day out the window. But if you’re able to discipline yourself, harness the Internet’s power, and get things done efficiently… that means more time for your hobbies, your loved ones, and your passions. The secret to being more productive online isn’t much of a secret at all: it starts and ends with focus and discipline. But there are ways to make this focus and discipline much easier to obtain. I’ve outlined five proven tips below…Read the full article

How Any Blogger Can Become an Authoritative Blogger

This is a guest post by Rich Gorman. One of the most fascinating facets of the blogging community is how there are so many different bloggers, blogging for such different reasons. Some folks sign up for a free WordPress or, Blogger account and start firing away, simply for purposes of creativity or self-expression. And then there are others who become bloggers of authority, esteemed within the industry, wildly successful on the back of their blogging efforts. Of course, there are also folks stuck in the middle—those amateur bloggers who would like to be something more, who would like to see their blog transformed into a vehicle for real success. In the scheme of things, not many bloggers reach that tipping point, where they become really respectable and esteemed within their industry. I wonder, though, if that’s not because more bloggers simply don’t know how to become bloggers of authority. It’s true enough that there is no magic spell, no secret formula to turn yourself into an overnight blogging pro. There are, however, a few success-generating tips that can make any blogger into an authoritative blogger. These battle-tested techniques have worked wonders for me, and I am convinced that they will work well for you, too…..Read the full article

That’s all for the roundup today. We hope you enjoyed the collection of these article. Don’t forget to let us know you thoughts.

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vbloggingThe interactive and catchy medium of Vblogging has become quite a sensation. One can either upload videos straight after recording them or work on them a bit to enhance their graphic appeal. Working on your recorded videos and developing them further has become really easy. The reason is the myriad of apps catering to this genre have come up lately.

Editing software and applications enhance the visual appeal of your videos and draw in greater number of online users that you have ever apprehended. Apart from recording and editing, you can add in many cool effects and animations in your videos. Check out some tools and software that will come handy when you are vblogging:

Software for movie making and editing

Firstly, video blogs can be created on numerous sites like wordpress, typepad, blogger and many others. Popular video hosting sites are YouTube and Flickr. Moviemaker is a really good video application for Windows, while iMovie is a popular choice for Mac. Other popular video creation and editing programs are Vimeo, Flip mino, Adobe Premier Pro, Kaltura, VideoEgg,  Vivia, Podesk, Editor One, Freeware, Video Spin and Stash Space.   Also, if you don’t mind shelling out a few bucks then give a shot to Camtasia or ScreenFlow. You will appreciate the fact that it is compatible with Mac too. Sony Vegas Studio HD that supports Windows is also a first rated app that you can try out.

Remixing and working on videos

Photobucket allows you to remix photos with videos and edit clips using Flash. The timeline editor of Movie Masher is mind boggling. You can rearrange clip or even trim them and insert effects like transitions, titles and music. Change the format of your videos or alter their size with the free online video editor called Cellsea. In fact, many other applications like One True Media, VideoThang, ZS4 Video Editor allow you to mix photos with videos. Countless audio processing tools are available on VirtualDub for your consideration.

A few screen recording software applications that allow you to record videos when you are connected to the internet. These are Screencast, Screenr, Camstudio, FastStone and Windows Live Movie Maker. It is a good idea to go for apps that have storyboards, timeline layouts and video stabilizers to make your video production look impressive.

Creating special effects in vblogs

Many services for editing and spawning special effects are available for vloggers on the web. Quite some of them are free, while you might be required to pay for using a couple of others. Eyespot is a free editing and video sharing app with which you can knock out several special effects and even dub your videos. Loads of effects, such as titles, transitions and slideshows can be generated with Jumpcut. Add graphics, overlays, text snippets and transitions to your videos with YouTube Remixer. Jaycut is a flash based video editor with which you can append effects, clips and music to your videos.

Cool add-ons for grabbing attention

You can try out a series of cool things with your vlog nowadays. Check out some fabulous applications, and believe me, you will definitely create a splash online. Knock out comments on your vblogs with Viddler.  To link up specific points or segments within a clip, you can use MotionBox.  Throw in artsy graphics and text with Vidavee graffiti. Get instant screen shots with Jing or Screencast-O-Matic. Software which can hatch together Claymation, 3D effects and Stop Motion Animation can also be used.

You can also create onscreen paints and designs with Jahshaka. So many applications make it possible to change the light settings of your videos and tune colors too. If you wish to be nostalgic, you can easily make your videos have a black and white too with these apps.

Hence, vlogging has really evolved and you can do a lot with your videos before uploading them for online viewers. You can create animations, graphics and special effects to make them stand out. Rearranging clips, adding voice overs and mixing in photos is easily possible now.  Hence, you can conveniently create top quality fun videos which will create a lasting impression on the online audience!

About the Author:

I am Francis Boyle, a research analyst at a video production firm in London. As a part of my job, I often have to do a lot of research about various products and services. I write blog posts related to ereader reviews.




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memecrusher reviewIts been some time that I have been on Pinterest. My venture onto Pinterest happened after I got hold off a good course on creating viral images and posting them to Pinterest, thereby generating traffic from it. This course was called Hook Pigeon and I was thoroughly impressed with it.

Though I had been on Pinterest since about 6 months before I got this course, I was kind of a little too lazy to go about creating images that will go viral. One other reason for this was also the fact that I under-estimated the potential of a site like that of Pinterest. But things changed, after I went through the entire Hook Pigeon Course material.

I was more active and I was getting a decent amount of traffic as well, but the problem still persisted. Creating viral images required a hell lot of time and with the kind of Photoshop noob I was, I either had to wait for the image from my designers or, sit there and spend about 60-90 minutes to create one such image. That was too much time to spend on something. But the fact that this strategy was getting me a lot of traffic, did not let me drop the entire thing.

The Concept of Memes – What are they?

Memes have always been a part of the internet. It is just that, today when Pinterest has become popular and Social Media sites were virally exchanging and sharing memes, it has gained popularity.

In 2007 when I started off, my first encounter with blogging was through a site called icanhazcheeseburger.com. I was pretty impressed with the fact that this guy was generating millions from his site and his site had nothing but some funny cat images with a funny (many a times not that funny) quotes on them. I though of duplicating this method and created a blog called as liveajoke.com. But it fizzled out.

The funny lolcat pictures that icanhazcheeseburger.com was using is called a meme. So that explains the potential of memes and reason why memes are gaining popularity.

You will find hundred such funny images all over Facebook and Pinterest and people share them like crazy. When these images go viral, the traffic that they generate also increases.

Creating and Marketing Memes Simplified – MemeCrusher Review

Image marketing has not been discussed a lot as have video marketing and article marketing. But the fact that image marketing is very effective can be seen from the above discussion. Memes can play an important role in generating traffic and if you are able to channelize it effectively, you can make the most of this traffic as well.

Creating and uploading memes to social media sites like Facebook and Pinterest, had only one constraint – creating them. Photoshop was too expensive and getting a designer to do it meant shelling out a decent amount every time you get one done.

MemeCrusher has now solved this problem. I did a short demo of the software and a detailed review which you can see in the below videos.


The Final Word on MemeCrusher

MemeCrusher is very effective and easy to use. There are not too many features packed into the software, but it does what it is supposed to do, extremely well and quite easily.

If you are serious about Social Media and Image Marketing, then MemeCrusher is a must buy.

You can check out MemeCrusher here.

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online dealSince the World Wide Web is so big, it can be hard to find good items to buy and actually say that your online shopping experience was a success in the end. Plus, there are so many websites out there that provide the same products and services nowadays that it can be hard to decide where to start.

Where to Shop

If you want great online deals, gifts on purchases, shipping discounts and easy transactions, then Facebook would definitely be a good place to start. Although Facebook started off as a social networking website, it has now turned into a very popular e-commerce website, as well. The good news is that there are a lot of offers and deals available on Facebook. As with other e-commerce websites out there, though, you will still have to be cautious of tall claims and fake sellers.

Finding the Best Deals

To find great online deals on Facebook, you will have to be a savvy customer, though. In other words, you have to check the seller’s credentials before making any orders and check the overall security of their available payment methods. You should find out what their customer service is like, as well, and how their shipping and ordering processes work. As trivial as these things may sound, they can tell you whether the seller is authentic or not – and this would be the most important step to shopping on Facebook to begin with.

Here are other tips on how to find great online deals on Facebook:

1. Use specific keywords

Facebook has a search bar for a reason, so why not use it and make the most of it? Ideally, you should be very specific about what you type in the search bar, though, to find exactly what you are searching for. Since Facebook isn’t capable of churning out search results the way search engines can, though, you might have to do several tries before you actually find what you are looking for.

2. Ask relatives and friends for recommendations

If you already know several trustworthy people who shop on Facebook, then it would be in your best interest to ask them for help, advice and recommendations. If you have a friend who has bought electronic gadgets on Facebook before, then ask them how they felt about their experience, for example, and whether they would recommend the Facebook shop that they shopped at.

3. Search for customer testimonials on the Facebook shop

If, on the other hand, you do not know anyone who shops on Facebook yet, then regular online search engines could be your best friend when it comes to this. Just do a quick search for customer testimonials on a Facebook shop that you’ve been eyeing and see what is being said. Just take heed and make sure you don’t fall for everything that you read, though. Trust your instincts!

About the Author:

Allan enjoys blogging about online shopping and bargains. Over the last 4 years, Allan has written many articles on how to save money online. Aside from blogging, Allan is regular contributor in frugal forums.

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guest bloggingYour blog is a pivotal part of your overall marketing strategy. A good blog can draw visitors to your site who will want to come back multiple times. These readers will also post links to your blog on their social media profiles. Good keyword usage within your blog can also help with SEO. However, when it comes to guest blogs, should you go in-house or just outsource?

Who Do You Have In-House?

The first question you have to ask yourself is who would be able to write a good guest post within your organization. If you have a great writer who could add value to the blog, you should go ahead and let someone from your site write that post.

Remember that the goal of a guest post is to offer a fresh perspective while also conforming to the tone and style of your blog. You don’t always get that when you outsource. When you outsource, you also have to consider that this person could think of the assignment as a single job. The commitment to excellence may not be there.

As long as this person hasn’t posted a lot of content, someone that you work with on a regular basis could provide that fresh voice. This person will also have familiarity with how you want your blog to sound because this guest poster has experience working with you. It can be a win-win.

How Much Will It Cost To Outsource?

Some bloggers may feel like it is always cheaper to outsource the work. That may not always be true. It depends on where you are going to get the work. Some freelancers offer great rates for the work that you are looking for. On the other hand, some professionals may require as much as $1 a word for optimized content.

When you go in-house, you may have to pay a regular employee a bonus to do the extra work. Otherwise, you may risk alienating an employee who feels like he is doing more work without being compensated. On the other hand, you may find someone who is willing to do the work to gain experience to help build his career.

In other words, you may not always find a cheap option when you outsource. It also may not be true that you pay more for going with someone within your organization. It really depends on who is available to you and what that person is charging.

What Kind Of Knowledge Base Would Your People Have?

Writing a technically pleasing post that says nothing is not going to win over viewers. Advertisers want to see that your work can draw page views. An overly optimized piece that contains no real value is not going to keep that loyal audience coming back.

If the technical knowledge is equal between someone in your group and someone outside of your group, go with the person who will incorporate more substance. The search engines and your readers will love you for it. You will see that more money is made in the long run going with this strategy.

Remember that whoever you choose is going to be representing yourself and your blog. You have to make sure that this person will be able to produce something that you are going to be happy with. Never choose a guest blogger who cannot produce to the quality that you would expect out of yourself.

Should you go in-house or outsource your guest blog posts? You should look first for someone on your staff that can write well, commands a reasonable rate and can add the right substance. If no one exists on your staff who can fill those needs, outsourcing might be for you.

About the Author:

Carly Lance thinks of herself as a personal finance junkie and loves to blog about saving money, frugal living and getting out of debt whenever she can. She believes a happy life = happy finances. Carly is also employed as a blog manager by Personal Bankruptcy Canada, company of bankruptcy trustees dedicated to helping “good people with bad debt,” with whom she also blogs about finances for.

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google talkDo you  have an online profile, a blog or anything such as a personal website? Would you prefer to communicate with users visiting your pages? This is no more an issue as now you can easily communicate with your readers live with the Google Talk feature. This feature is commonly called as the ‘chatback’ feature, as instead of you doing all the talking on your online profile, your visitors can get back to you.

They can certainly leave comments,  but they are pretty much public and tough to utilize for a real-time conversation. With this feature of ‘chatback’ it is more of a real-time instant messaging session.

Just like the Meebo Me app, Google Talk now enables users to chat with all those visitors who may not have signed up for a Google Account or even for Google Talk. You must be wondering about how you can make use of this app? It is very much possible to talk to your readers live on your blog, and all you have to do here to add in the Google Talk chat button on your blog which will enable you to chat right away with the online visitors and blog readers.

By having this application badge embedded in web pages, it really does not matter if your readers or visitors have a Google account, signed into Google Chat or not, they can easily communicate with you via your web pages or blog provided that you are logged into your Google Talk account.

To make use of this Google Talk chat badge, you are only required to copy and paste the HTML code that you will find at the Google Talk help center. The code can be easily embedded into your site’s backend script. In case the site that actually hosts your site does not directly supports the HTML embedded frames or editing, then you need to click on the “edit” option to select the particular badge style that does not make use of frames. If you prefer to include the chatback feature in an email message, you can opt for the ‘Url only’ or ‘Hyperlink only’ options.

On the other hand, if you are running a support portal where you can offer your users with live support through IM, then Google Talk can actually be an incredible opportunity for you as it is very much reliable and also free to utilize.

You will be able to see this Google Talk chat button on your site enabled and disabled automatically as you sign-in your Google account. Moreover, with this feature, you will be able to chat with simply more than one reader on your blog simultaneously. Every session is going to open up in a different tab.

So what are you waiting for? Get ready to communicate with your readers live with Google’s chatback feature!

About the Author:

I am John S Lam from Test4Prep; it gives 100% guaranteed success in your VMware VCP510-DT exam. Let’s take benefit of VMware VCPVCD510 Exams material efficiently and get guaranteed success. Check out free demo of all certifications Exam.


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innovatorsThe cold hard truth is that innovation is a clear sign of a great leader. Followers copy, replicate and essentially borrow smart ideas and new ways of rethinking from their lead visionaries. Truly innovative leaders fully understand that there’s always a better way to do things. There is always new ground to break and new roads to travel. The trouble is that leaders don’t wake up one day and decide to change the landscape of businesses and organizations. Through a long road of successes and failures, they hone tools and resources that foster an innovative environment wherever they turn. This is every leader’s life work.

Three Marks of an Innovative Business Leader

1.They Know When to Innovate

The truth is there’s no trick to gauging when to innovate with a business idea, product or service offering. The big idea is that innovation never ceases. Once a leader stops dreaming of new ways to do things, they essentially stop caring and they get left behind. This is especially true in the tech and web-based industries. Technologies and ideas are evolving, changing and growing at break-neck speed. Some businesses get into a comfortable situation and don’t want to risk that safety net. Smart leaders know that all of business is a risk, but that lying dormant in a vacuum of relative safety is a sure path to failure.

2.They’re Always Learning

The smartest of the smart know that they’re not the be-all-end-all of business leadership. Reaching thought leadership status in your industry is going to involve travelling with fellow innovaters. This is why conferences like, the Front End Innovation conference (FEI) are so important. According to PayCor’s Chief Information Officer, Vinay Mehta, this year’s conference “was a breath of fresh air, an opportunity to downshift from the day-to-day and upshift into the world of the possible.” You can tell that this environment gives you the chance to get in a room with lots of other business thought leaders both in and out of your industry to take in their brilliant ideas, and toss some of your own into the ring.

3.They’re Tech Savvy

In today’s business climate, particularly throughout the tech industry, today’s leaders know that innovation isn’t remotely possible without the right tools. This is part of the learning process. You’ll need to get onboard with current technology. This means reading books, blogs, going to conferences, getting expert opinions from thought leaders. Then you’ll need to adopt that technology and use it to nurture a culture of innovation in your business. In short, with the right tools and resources you can be a dangerous leader in your industry.

Becoming a leader

At the end of the day, a good business leader must be intuitive. They must see potential in just about every aspect of their business, and have the vision and pragmatic solutions to solve these problems. This is the type of leader that people will follow, even into the most uncertain waters of innovation. Don’t take this responsibility lightly. Cultivate it with the people you work with.

About the Author:

This guest post is written by Danielle


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post penguinThe world is warming up to the idea of buying things online. No wait! The world is buying everything online. Amazon has spoilt us for life. Less than a decade ago the book buying scene was something like this. Book lovers head to the closest Barns and Nobles, rummage through the myriad titles, pick a few aside, get their Starbucks caffeine dose, plonk themselves on one of the corner tables and read few chapters of each chosen book. Maybe an hour later, make the informed decision of buying a couple of books.

Today, somehow people have ditched this whole book shopping experience in favor of buying books from popular e-commerce portals before these titles even hit the book stores. This trend is no longer restricted to novels and self-help books. Everything from engagement rocks to spring/summer trends to haute couture to FENDI shoes can be bought online, without ever leaving your apartment. Same day delivery, 30 day return policy, fancy packaging and free shipping are just a few added bonuses one can get by shopping online.

In today’s multitasking jet-age nothing is more important than time. And e-commerce has capitalized exactly on that; the cash on delivery option has arm twisted the most orthodox and not-so-net-savvy individual to take the plunge and join the online shopping bandwagon. Till about a few months ago, all was hunky-dory in the mesmerizing world of e-commerce. Diapers were getting delivered at home and new moms didn’t have to worry about finding parking while pacifying their new born at the mall. But as more and more business owners and investors started discovering this pot of gold (e-commerce), deal sites and portals started mushrooming at a lightning speed.

The increasing competition compelled many SEO companies (hired by e-commerce business owners) to resort to short term techniques like mass link building, creating hollow accounts in forums without relevant content and bombarding forums with keywords. In addition, syndicating one article to hundreds of syndication sites and publishing press releases to varied free sites were some other methods adopted by these SEO companies. The verdict? Most of these E-commerce sites got hit by Google’s Penguin Update in April 2012.

Lack of diversity in anchor text, absolutely no relevant link backs, mass syndication and other black hat methods adopted by SEO companies massively dropped the traffic, ranking and in turn conversions of the strongest E-commerce players around the globe. Some Economists have realized that e-commerce tends to lead the intensified price competition and it increases customer’s ability to gather information about the products and prices.

So it’s been four months since the mother-of-all algorithm change by Google and most of the e-commerce sites are either still recovering, have already given up or picking up their jaws from the floor and figuring out what the hell happened? Here are some quick tips for recovering from the Penguin Update and being prepared for Google to strike again.

  1. Always, always, always concentrate on value creation. Steer clear of automated short-term psychosis and channelize the efforts into creating quality, permanent links.
  2. Invest in the right SEO Company. If someone is promising too much too soon, maybe they are too good to be true. Remember a new domain especially e-commerce will take at least 6-9 months for the primary keywords to rank. It is impossible to rank within the first 1-2 months, and if you do start ranking for global keywords too soon, it is possible that your SEO firm is using some black hat techniques and in all likelihood your site will be penalized soon.
  3. Remember that the term Organic forms the backbone of any SEO Expert strategy. Any method used to create quick bubbles leading to blatant agenda pushing will only make you fall flat on your face.
  4. Use effective Social Media Marketing in addition to SEO to create brand awareness and brand recall. Again, don’t think of SMM as a quick, magical conversion tool.

Most importantly, don’t give up! If you have faith in your products and services, E-commerce without a doubt has a very bright future. This is the best time to invest in the right SEO strategy; E-commerce post penguin has opened the eyes of all business owners and SEO companies and once again only the fittest will survive.

About the Author:

Charlie is a free lancer writer and content builder of Technology and Web Development sites and has written many original quality Articles.


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AdvertisingThe reasons why many fail while only a few get rich with banner display advertising

Online visibility matters. That is the whole point of placing banners and advertisements in the Internet. It’s one of the main reasons why a lot of website owners spend most of their time in improving the quality of their banner display advertising. Let’s face it; having a poorly made banner shown on your website will not improve business. And unfortunately, despite investing in tools and programs in creating banners and ads, the problem is still there. The key to a good banner ad is learning to anticipate what your customers want to read in a banner.

Some website owners have begun hiring people who can develop and market their banners in the Internet. Indeed, freelance graphic designers and marketing people are making themselves available, lending their services to helpless website owners who don’t want to trouble themselves with making and marketing these banners. It’s going to cost you, but you’ll save time and effort.

If you don’t want to hire a graphic designer, that is fine as well. It will give you a chance to see exactly on what you are working on and it saves you money too.

Here’s Something to Think About!

Online businesses may have flourished, but it’s still a far-cry from the traditional marketing that we have witnessed for years. The numbers of website developers and designers have certainly increased, there are, however, a few who knows how to make a really good advertising banner and how to market them.

A reason why it’s difficult to market banner display advertising is because most Internet surfers are hostile to them. In the old days, banner displays were set to pop-up within the screen from time to time, therefore making people upset. Nowadays, pop-up blockers are already installed within computers, making banner displays even harder to achieve online presence.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Banner Display Advertising

There is, however, still hope for those who really want to use banner display advertising to their advantage. If done right, banners and online advertisements can really beef up site rankings and get you massive traffic per month.

The catch? There is no catch, actually. Most website owners have forgotten the fact that the banners they make are supposed to catch the attention of real people, not robots!

To give you guys a heads up of what I am talking about, here are a few do’s and don’ts of banner display advertising. You’d be surprised how simple these rules are!

  • Do experiment with your banners. Whether you are planning on buying one from an authority banner-making website or making one yourself, try mixing different advertisement messages. Be creative when working on your banners. For example, if you have a client that sells van equipment, be creative! You can build a banner that looks like a van or perhaps a comic strip about vans.
  • Don’t design a banner that disrupts your web visitor’s view of your website. Pop-ups are just one of the many major turn-offs when a potential customer is looking at your website.
  • Do expect some questions when a potential website visitor saw your banner or ad. Be online all the time and check your inbox for emails. Nothinga ttracts a customer more than knowing that you are interested in what they have to say.
  • Don’t forget to place “Call to Action” buttons and links in your banners. Call to Action refers to messages and statements like “Click Here for More Information” or “Register Today!” The better your call to action message, the better!

These are just some of the ideas on how to improve your banner display advertising. I hope you all have learned a very important lesson, since I obviously did. Besides, we all want to get rich, right? So go ahead, re-think your banner display advertising scheme and go get that gold!

About the Author:

Jessica Greenberg is an experienced blogger and internet marketer from San Diego, California. If she is not busy working on an internet marketing scheme for SouthwestFinance, she spends her time going out with her friends or going to the beach for a swim. She loves blogging as well as just surfing the Internet during her free time.




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Today, it is true that Google Penguin has been affecting a number of Website owners. They have been affecting knowing that Google has been keen in ranking the websites who have spammed documents and contents. To mention, these are pertaining to all the copied and documented content in an article that goes through out at the search engines. Because of this, the website owners have been trying to get their standard up after knowing they have placed so much effort on it and for some, have spend over it.

Since the problem has continued to arise these days, they are actually trying it find solutions and here are as follows:

You may Choose To have Paid Links

Penguin is so sensitive in detecting any copied parts of any other source. Hence, the way to check out for paid links would be not using the same anchor text searches. You may choose to at least have some other source but, conceding to not take anything illegal of who made for the original link. In this case, one is demanded to be keen and knowledgeable.

Control the Visitors

As a website owner, it is your responsibility and your liability to control the visitors you have at your website. Meaning to say, everything they posts is still under your liability. For penguin to not easily detect any issues of spam, you need to control the comments of the visitors at your website. It may hard knowing the total number that provides the comment but, this is the least that you can do. Never be hopeless to lose your site or to rank as the lowest because after all, there could be ways to gratify your effort.

Be alert for any guests comments

At times, the website may contain spaces for guest’s comments and feedbacks. With this presence, you are entitled to be more alert because, you always try to make sure that the comment does not have any penguin related link or else, you’ll then b hit by penguin standards. Same thing, you may fall under the penalties that penguin provides for spam issues.

The Links You Provide

Providing links could be an easier way for people to negotiate what they have to research on. In fact, the links could even add more information to people who used to search for a bulk of information. However, the links should also be checked. Checking would entail one to be secure that the link does not be related to penguin or else, your site could be next in line.

Expect for some unending fixes

If your mind has been set to ensure no penguin related links or spammer contents, you always have to be careful because, there will be a lot of things that pops up at your website. In this regard, always be knowledgeable about what are the possible spammer links and contents that Google penguin will then penalize.

Starting Over is easier

If you end up having been penalized by Google penguin for any spamming content issues, then a website manager, it would be better idea to start over again. Staring over again could be easier than having to rank your site up to the top again. Knowing that penguin has recognized your site to have spammed content, from any spamming links then obviously, we can never tell it’s safer and assured. At the end of the day, the website has left a record that wouldn’t at all be appreciated.

Penguin Targets

Like website managers, and bloggers that targets people, audience and visitors to drive traffic, Google also tries it best to quantify those who have gone against the Penguin target. At times, you may even think that things have gone fine after an incident of being placed at the bottom part, things of still going back with some spamming issues from Google could still go back with you. Thus, it would be better to make a choice of changing.

No way when blacklisted

Take this in mind, when your site has been blacklisted by Penguin, there’s no way for you to retrieve your website. Much as you expect but, Penguin has provided targets knowing the mistakes you have done with your website content.

Take note of some reporting forms

Today, the list of the websites seen in the reporting forms comes in thousands. In the case where you see your website along, just expect for the next thing that follows. Becoming part of the list means that your website has already been targeted by the issues against penguin. Nowhere to go but, the option to start all over again rather than falling short for expecting still from your existing website that is targeted by Penguin.

Various Spam reports

There are actually numerous spam reports from other bloggers and website managers. In the same scenario, it is true that they sometimes become malicious, unfair and would be presenting incorrect means of competition. In this regard, it could hard know that Google wouldn’t believe much of them not unless, Google directly discovers. Hence, you always have the reason to give up on that.

Generally, the thought to find the solutions to overcome Google Penguin for quality blogs is great and this is typically because of the increasing number of website managers and websites that have been affected with the era. Google has gone far and it assumes to give the best for the people by not failing to provide original content of article output or any research product to become the guest’s sources. Hence, they get the reason to be strict in terms of the standards to follow, to avoid duplicates and copied contents from other sources.

In fact, the ten ways to overcome are not the only ways and solutions. There is still number of it but, the above mentioned are those that are objectively enumerated and seen at the website and blog. As Google is challenged to provide the best for the audience, the website managers are also challenge to raise their rankings on top after having been targeted by Penguin or by starting it all over again. Whichever option, there is always an easier way to combat spamming issues in Google.

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