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How to Get More Likes on Facebook?

Facebook is all about engagement. The better you are able to engage people, the better your likes and social presence will be. This is a very informative infographic on what can help you get more likes on Facebook.   ++ Click Image to Enlarge ++ Source: How to Get More Likes on Facebook – Infographic

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Safety and Security of WordPress Blog (Infographic)

How to Secure your WordPress Blog from Hackers?

WordPress, while is one of the most accepted CMS platforms has its own problems in terms of its safety and security. Thanks to the fact that the entire WP source code is open-source, hackers find it the easiest to get into these blogs. But protecting your WordPress blog is not difficult. All that it takes…

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Facebook – What does the number say?

Facebook has always been a  huge source of traffic for most of the internet marketers. People who learnt how to harness the powerhouse make tons of money using, while others struggled. I was amongst the first ones who failed at it and burnt a huge hole in my pocket. Off-late, there is a huge rush…

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Specific to Generic TLD shift

The Shift From Regular TLDs to Generic TLDs – Infographic

With generic TLDs becoming more popular for web developers, regular TLDs (mostly .com sites) are starting to have less influence on the internet.  As a result, digital brand teams are going to have to factor in generic TLD sites (.ca, .biz, .info, etc) into their new marketing strategies.  The infographic below, compliments of Wolfe Domain,…

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Blogging Memes

Inaction – The Reason for Failing at Blogging

One of the biggest reasons for failing at blogging or, for that matter even at internet marketing businesses is inaction. The belief that things will happen on its own leads to gradual frustration and consequent loss of interest.

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Advent Of Internet

Advent of the Internet – Infographic

The internet has changed a lot since it was first launched in the early 50s or, something. With Google becoming prominent, the internet changed. It further took a new turn when Social Media became popular. When we look back at the journey that the www took over the last 6-7 decades, we find that we…

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A Day On The Internet – Infographic

Created by:

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