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5 Best Tablet Apps Needed by Small Business Owners

April 19, 2012

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tablet appsThis is a guest post by Roberta on useful tablet apps. You can read the guidelines for guest posting at our guest posting guidelines page.

A recent survey conducted among small business owners by the Forbes magazine has revealed that 28% small business owners are already enjoying the benefits of a tablet. Moreover, 48% have designated the tablet as the next essential gadget they wish to buy with laptops arriving at a close second at around 41%.

Clearly, small business entrepreneurs are waking up to the advantages brought forth by these fine gadgets. Primarily, tablets are being highly preferred by small business entrepreneurs on account of their mobility and functionality. Even as they are light and easy to carry along everywhere, tablets perform most of the essential functions of a laptop! Besides, there are some truly impressive apps for making the lives of entrepreneurs simpler.

Therefore, if you wish to leverage the advantages of a tablet, reading on some of the vital apps you can use would be clearly useful.

Some Useful Tablet Apps for Small Business Entrepreneurs

Some of these apps can come in very handy to most small business entrepreneurs. Though it might not be as useful to any and everybody, it is worth knowing where they can help.

Let us look at a few such apps –

The Office Suite Tablet Apps

Just like the laptop, a tablet should never be without an Office Suite. There are several suites available that can add power to your presentations, spreadsheets and word processing. Besides, they are absolutely easy to use as well!

Some examples of Office Suites would include the “Documents to Go” for the Blackberry PlayBook, Quickoffice that caters to various platforms, or the web version of the popular Google Docs, that’s absolutely free.  You can use it on Android tablets or, on the Safari browser on iPad.

Remote Desktop Apps

As we get more and more acclimatized with the tablets, our usage of computers is likely to reduce. However, there could always be instances where you would require access of apps or files from your personal computers. Thankfully, there are remote desktop apps on your tablets that can provide direct access to these files, from the tablet itself.

These apps would allow you to grab apps and files and run these from remotest of locations. Examples could be the Splashtop Remote Desktop for iPad and Android that works both on Mac and PC.

Travel Organizer Apps

If you are small business entrepreneur, travel would certainly be a part of your life. And frequent traveler would require you to remain organized and keep all your information in a single storage, in order to avoid associated hassles.

Thankfully, there are apps like TripIt and WorldMate that can help you in organizing your travel. They would manage everything from car rentals to flight timings, for your benefit. Besides, they would also enable you to book accommodations for cheap.

Browsing Apps

Browsing the net is a must for your business requirements and other associated needs. The Safari app on the iPad works like a true dream, allowing you to navigate smoother and faster. Android phone users also find the Firefox browser app and Dolphin app ideal.

Handwriting Apps

Given the fact that small businesses would involve loads of paperwork, handwriting apps for creating digital notes on your tablet are just what you need. Popular ones include PenUltimate in iPad and Antipaper on android tablets.

Therefore, tablets make the lives of small business entrepreneurs easier in more ways than one. And with so many tablet variants in the market to select from, you would be spoilt for choice!

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Roberta Smith writes for http://www.whichvoip.com. Check the site to get comparison and reviews of leading sip provider, voip providers and voip phone services.

Don’t forget to tell us which tablet apps do you think are making a difference in the way you do business.

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