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10 Amazing Instagram Statistics & Trends Every Marketer Could Use

March 20, 2021

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instagram statistics

Instagram – the fastest growing social network on the internet world.

Though you call it a social network, Instagram has also become an excellent marketing platform that brands can’t ignore.

Every marketer today is taking to Instagram to market their products and their brands. And in order to do that successfully they are all looking at various aspects of how the social network reacts to various activities that are happening on the platform.

While we look at those aspects, it is also important to keep in mind that data is the pillar of all successful marketing campaigns.

And any data that you can gather about the platform you are trying to build your marketing campaigns for, is valuable.

So, we’ve collected 10 amazing Instagram statistics and facts that every marketer should know in 2021. 

You can use these statistics for your business and build a successful online campaign. 

Now without further delay, let’s move to the main topic!

Instagram Statistics:

1. Fast Stats About Instagram 

  • Instagram has reached more than 1 billion+ people every month. 
  • 51% of Instagram users are female, and 49% of male. 
  • On average, the user spends more than 30 minutes per day on Instagram. 
  • 81% of people use Instagram to find products and services. 
  • 130 million users view shopping posts every month. 
  • 88% of Instagram users are outside the U.S.
  • 500 million people use Instagram stories every day. 
  • The average Instagram business account posts once per day. 
  • The average engagement rate for business posts is 0.96%. 
  • 50% of people visited a website and made a purchase after seeing Instagram stories. 

2. Instagram Usage Statistics 

  • With 1 billion monthly users, Instagram is the sixth most popular social network in the world. 
  • According to the research of Pew research center, 63% of Instagram users log in at least once a day. 
  • Every 30 minutes on Instagram, a large number of people are checking out Instagram’s business profile. 
  • More than 50% of Instagram users use the explore tab to discover new content and new accounts to follow. 
  • Over 1 million Instagram posts mention the word meme each day.
  • More than 75% of U.S. businesses will use Instagram in 2020. 
  • According to eMarketer, 11% of U.S. users have shopped for products on Instagram. 

3. Instagram User Statistics 

  • There are 1 billion Instagram users across the world. 89% of users are from beyond the United States. 
  • The southeast Asian country of Brunei has the highest percentage of Instagram users. 
  • Instagram is one of the most popular platforms with younger audiences under 29 years. 
  • Around 72% of teenagers in the Us use Instagram, whereas only 51% of Facebook and 69% of Snapchat use it. 
  • As of 2020, 52% of Instagram audiences are female, and 48% of audiences are male. 
  • 63% of Instagram users check the app at least once per day, and 42% of people open the app multiple times per day. 

4. Instagram Story Statistics

  • More than 500 million people use Instagram stories every single day. 
  • Nearly 1.7 billion Instagram accounts use the stories format every day. 
  • Over 25% of people use the swipe up feature to invite the audience to their website. 
  • The average posting frequency for Instagram stories is 2.3% posts per day. 
  • One third of the most viewed stories are from Instagram business accounts. 
  • The average completion rate for brand stories is 85%. 
  • According to an Instagram survey, 62% of Instagram users said stories increase user interest in brands. 
  • According to emarketer, U.S. marketers spend 31% of their budget on Instagram stories. 
  • Stories with user generated content have a 4.5% higher conversion rate than non-UGC posts. 

5. Instagram Business and Ads Statistics

  • 90% of Instagram accounts follow at least one business profile. 
  • On average, Instagram business accounts see 1.46% of followers growth per month. 
  • 36.2% of B2B decision makers use Instagram to research new products and services. 
  • 55% of shoppers made a purchase based on an Instagram creator’s posts. 
  • There are 2 million advertisers that run paid ads on the Instagram platform each month. 
  • Instagram advertisements can reach more than 850 million users. 
  • Instagram can earn $18.16 billion in ad revenue in 2020. 

Instagram Facts: 

6. Instagram Live Stream Goes Main Stream 

According to Facebook data, Instagram live gets more than 70% of views from February to March 2020. Instagram live streams are one of the best ways to connect with your followers in a direct and authentic way. 

Most brands and creators look for new ways to interact with their followers, and live streaming offers an effective and easy way to keep in touch. Here are some new features for Instagram live: 

  • Upload your Instagram lives directly to IGTV. 
  • You can watch the live broadcast on your desktop. 
  • Businesses and creators use Instagram live shopping and badges. 

7. IGTV Takes Center Stage: 

IGTV is one of the big parts of Instagram, and in the year 2020, the long form video IGTV takes center stage. IGTV allows users to, 

  • Cross promote their IGTV videos on Instagram 
  • Providing both vertical and horizontal videos. 
  • Creators can now make money from IGTV ads. 

According to Instagram, users can create 15-second long IGTV ads to show their brands to a specific group of partners and audiences. Even if you aren’t a creator, IGTV is a perfect channel to reach new audiences, grow your engagement and generate leads. 

 8. Instagram Stories – Key Component Of Influencer Marketing 

Influencer marketing and Instagram stories create a great combination! In fact, influencers have a massive fan following, and it can help you to reach a wider audience. With Instagram stories, influencers can give their audiences behind the scenes videos. 

If you have a brand looking to increase visibility, Instagram stories get more views for your engaging content. For instance, you can make your stories by adding effective GIFs, emoji sliders, location tags, and more. It can help to attract more followers to your profile, and you will get a chance your viewers will turn into your followers. 

Moreover, the Instagram stories feature makes it easier for you to keep track of your influencer marketing campaign.

9. Instagram’s Explore Feed 

The Instagram explore page is the new network source for real time content creation. It displays different posts for every user based on your past likes and interests. According to the research, half of the Instagram accounts use the explore feature each day.

Here are some advantages of the Instagram explore page:

  • It will help your posts to get more engagement. 
  • It builds brand awareness because your business is exposed to potential customers and whole Instagram audiences. 
  • You can increase the reach of your target audience
  • Reach new audiences who are not yet following you. 
  • Enhance your brand presence and generate revenue. 

10. Instagram Reels 

Instagram reels is a new in-app creation tool to create and discover short, entertaining videos on Instagram. It is a similar feature for TikTok’s main feed. Reels allows you to create and upload fun videos to your friends and followers on Instagram. 

Here are some benefits of Instagram reels:

  • Show your content with effective filters, audio files, and A.R. filters. 
  • Get your content on the explore page. 
  • Increase engagement rate from your followers. 
  • Enhance your marketing growth and increase your social proof. 


Instagram is one of the excellent platforms for every individual and business person.

We hope you enjoyed reading these 10 amazing Instagram statistics and trends. Use it in whichever way it fits your overall marketing strategy and it will help to improve your business growth within a short time. 

Thanks for reading this article!

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