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DKSP EP06: How to Rank YouTube Videos on Google?

June 1, 2015

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How to rank youtube videos on Google

In the last few podcasts we touched upon topics like social media, Private Blog Networks, Productivity etc. When I sent out an email to my list of subscribers about the podcasts, I got a lot of questions from them.

One of the questions that some of my subscribers asked me when they got to know about these podcasts was, why didn’t I do a podcast on Youtube Marketing, considering the fact that I am a video marketer and that video marketing is the niche that I have been making some decent money in.

It was a fair ask and it actually made sense because I know a lot of you might have had this question on “How to rank Youtube Videos on Google”. And it is hence I thought I will pick the topic of Youtube Marketing for this podcast. So in today’s show we are going to discuss, “How to Rank Youtube Videos on Google”.

How to Rank Youtube Videos on Google

Now when I say Google, I mean the 1st page of Google. If it is not the first page then it is no use ranking on Google. Statistics show that the search results on the first page of Google are the only ones that get some clicks, especially the first 4 results. So if your video is not appearing on the first page of Google, there is no point ranking them.

You might have seen a lot of videos ranking consistently on the first page of Google and you too can get the same kind of results if you follow the below instructions.

I have made a lot of money with videos. I get my videos to rank on the first page of Google, especially during big launches and these videos bring in a decent amount of money for a long time.

You can see an example . Just go to Google and search for the term, “Bleupage Review” and you will find my video is the first result. This video brought in a lot of money for almost 7-8 months because there was a subscription offer related to this product and it did well. The product was in the facebook marketing niche and was a good product. The subscription offer paid well and the money was consistent until Facebook changed some of its algorithm and the demand for the product dipped.

Now that you have seen an example of a result, let us look at some key factors in getting your videos ranked on the first page of Google.

I do a lot of launch jacking. I pick products that are about to be launched or, have just launched and I create review videos for these products. Review videos are amongst the best videos to create, if you want to make money fast because they tend to do really well on Youtube.

Creating review videos are easy as well. I normally recommend a screen capture video with a walk-through of the product and its features and how it can benefit the users. But, you can also create simple powerpoint presentations talking about the features and benefits of the product and do a straight comparison with a similar product to prove the point.

That brings us to the first point which is to pick keywords that you want to rank for.

Keyword Research

Since we are going to rank review videos, the obvious choice of keywords would be Product name + review, Product name + bonus, product name + discount, product name +bonus etc.

But if you are not creating review videos, then you might want to spend some time researching your keywords. Follow a normal keyword research method with the only difference that once you have a list of keywords selected, just head over to Google and Youtube and search for the results using these keywords.

You might want to see the amount of competition and the age of the video that is ranking first. Also prepare a checklist of the optimization factors that we are going to discuss below and take note of how many of them are being followed by these videos.

Optimizing Video Attributes

Always ensure that you save your videos with the keyword phrase. So if you are targeting a keyword “Social Robot Review” then you need to save your video with the keyword “Social Robot Review”.

Once you have done that, right click on the video file and go to properties. You will find an option “Details”. When you go into it, you will find Title, Subtitles and Tags. Fill each of these fields. The title and subtitle need to have your primary keyword in it. You can add a few tags and include your keyword including the primary keyword in it.

Now you can upload your videos to Youtube.

Optimizing Description and Title Tags

Once you have uploaded your video to Youtube, we will need to optimize the title and description fields. The title should begin with your primary keyword. The description should also begin with your primary keyword followed by the URL or, link that you want to include.

When optimizing the title, try to include a secondary keyword as well. But don’t stretch it too long. DO NOT repeat your keywords. The title should not be more than 55-60 words long and should make sense. Your title is something that your visitors will see first. So it should be enticing enough to make the visitor click on it.

When writing your description try to add at least 300-500 words. A keyword density of about 1% is desirable. So include 1 keyword every 100 words.

The last part is to add tags. Add all possible variations of your keywords and your primary keyword in the tags.

Optimizing Your Youtube Channel

Optimizing your channel is extremely important and I have seen that doing this can make a huge difference in where your videos rank. Create a different channel for every product. If you are making a single video for a specific product creating a channel for each product would not be the best thing to do. So in that case I create a targeted channel for similar products. “Social Linking Product Reviews” is a good name for products related to social bookmarking and social media.

Optimize the channel by including all the keywords related to the specific niche or, products in the tags for the channel.

Off-page Optimization : Building Backlinks

Build backlinks to your videos. This is where the trick lies. Most people build a few backlinks and then leave the video. This will not work. You need to build a decent number of backlinks and then index them as well.

What I do is, I go to Fiverr and hire one of the sellers there who can build tiered backlinks. These backlinks should be from Web 2.0 sites, blogs, Press Releases, Social Bookmarking backlinks, Articles Directories etc.

There are a lot of decent sellers who can do this for you for $5-$10. Hire one of them and build the backlinks.

That’s all that is there to it.

A Secret Trick

So that brings us to the end of the basic things that you need to do to rank your Youtube video on the first page of Google.

There is a trick that I follow with my videos. I create about 4 different videos for every product on reviews, demos, features etc and then create a playlist with my primary keyword and then add all of these videos to the playlist.

This works really well and I have seen rankings improve just by following this simple technique.

We covered some of the basics of ranking Youtube videos in this podcast. We will be discussing on some other tricks and techniques in a future podcast which will give you the edge and ensure that you are able to beat your competition hands down.

Resources and Tools

We discussed about some Fiverr sellers who could help you build backlinks to your videos. Here are a few that I regularly order from and whom you can use as well. They have some pretty good ratings and are very reliable.

Seller 1 – High PR Link Pyramid

Seller 2 – High PR Dofollow edu backlinks

Seller 3 – Create SEO Link Wheel

Seller 4 – Link Pyramid

Seller 5 – Tiered Project for GSA

Thank You for Joining the Show

I would like to thank you all for joining the show tonight. Don’t forget to let me know your thoughts and opinion by commenting below. If you liked this podcast do share it using the share buttons.

You can send in your questions, suggestions, feedback and advices using the contact form here. Also do leave an honest review and a rating for the show on iTunes. It will tremendously help the rankings of the show on iTunes and will also help others who are looking for information on these topics.

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About the author 

Dilip Kumar  -  

My name is Dilip. I am a fan of the internet and love the many opportunities that the world wide web provides. If used constructively , the internet can give you an opportunity to lead a life free of the 9-5 treadmill and will be able to give more time to your family members.
Read about internet entrepreneurship at my blog.

My name is Dilip. I am a fan of the internet and love the many opportunities that the world wide web provides. If used constructively , the internet can give you an opportunity to lead a life free of the 9-5 treadmill and will be able to give more time to your family members. Read about internet entrepreneurship at my blog.

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