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DKSP EP09: Making Money with FIVERR – The Best Option to Start Making Money!

July 13, 2015

Last Updated on - July 13, 2015  

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making money with fiverr

Before we get onto today’s episode, I wanted to let you all know about a few changes that I am making to this show here. As per all the requests and suggestions that I received, we are moving to a weekly frequency from the next episode onwards. We are also changing the day on which we telecast the show from a Sunday to a Wednesday. So The DKSpeaks Podcast will now be available on all Wednesdays.

This would mean that the next episode will be telecast on the Wednesday of the next week.

I hope you all like these changes. Feel free to write to me about your thoughts, comments, suggestions and feedbacks.

With that said, let us get onto today’s Episode of THE DKSpeaks Podcast.

Today’s topic is – Making Money with Fiverr: Why FIVERR Could Be Your Best Option to Start Making Money Online?

FIVERR has had its share of controversies with a lot of people complaining about the quality of services being offered there. You can call it the $5 value and would proudly justify it with the quote, “what you get is what you pay for”. But if that true?

With markets becoming more of a buyers market and every Tom, Dick and Harry opening up an online service, the buyer always has an option of deciding where to buy from. And if you really think, $5.00 is not enough to get value for then you might just want to look for a better place for a better service.

But FIVERR is not all that bad. Just as in the case of any other product or, service you are bound to find some bad ones and have some bad experiences as well. But you will be able to avoid all of this if you can spend some time and do your due diligence. There are tons of reviews for most of the sellers on FIVERR. And FIVERR sellers thrive on this reputation. Also keep in mind that these reviews and feedback are from genuine buyers. So there is no reason why it will be biased or, ingenuine.

FIVERR has a lot of extremely good quality sellers and if you are ready to spend some time finding them, you can get some nice services done for a fraction of what it would cost you elsewhere.

A couple of years ago, I first recommended FIVERR as a seller to my young brother. He was battling with unemployment. What worse could somebody go through than losing a job that was paying extremely well and that too unexpectedly. A dearth of good jobs, thanks to the IT recession added to his woes. His expertise was in graphics designing. He had a nice eye for colors and designs and was exceptionally talented.

I found that designers were doing very good on FIVERR and there was a lot of demand for infographics. I recommended him to start a gig there for infographic creation. Until then I used FIVERR as a buyer only. He took my advice and setup a gig for infographic creation. He did not have to wait long. He got his first order on the 2nd day. And that was just the beginning. In just about 15 days he was buried deep into orders. There were more than 30 orders pending. The first month he earned about $600. That was big money for somebody who had just lost his job. He continued with his FIVERR gig for about 4 months. And by then he had realized the power of freelancing and being self-employed.

Today he does freelancing for multiple high value clients and runs his own business.

Why am I telling you this story?

If you are struggling with making money, then FIVERR could just be the place which can help you with the push required. Making Money with Fiverr is not that difficult and it could help you get started with your Internet Marketing business.

There are numerous sellers on FIVERR who rely solely on the income they generate from FIVERR. And that should be enough to tell you the kind of money you can make selling $5 gigs.

So how you do start and How will you be able to stand out from the crowd?

Making Money with FIVERR – The Basics

Starting off with Fiverr is pretty simple. But what is difficult is to provide services that help you stand out from the crowd. Let us quickly look at how to start your first Gig on Fiverr.

1). You will need to start by deciding on what gigs you plan to offer. You will find pretty much everything being sold on FIVERR. And if your service is something that is not yet available there and you know that it is an in-demand service, then you have just struck gold. Else there is some work involved before you would land your first order.

If you are struggling to decide on what to sell, then you might just want to head over to FIVERR and browse through the different categories and sub-categories there and check out a few of the services being offered in these categories. But the best way to start and something that I always recommend is to identify your specialization and decide on what kind of product or, service you can offer. WordPress installation, customization, designing jobs, social media management etc. are just some examples.

2). Once you have decided on what to sell, head over to FIVERR and check out similar gigs. FIVERR shows you results arranged based on 3 aspects – Recommended, High Rating and NEW. As a buyer, I would never really go look at the NEW category. Recommended category lists the gigs in the descending order of the search keyword used and is the default category that shows for every searches. And the High Rating category lists the gigs on the basis of the ratings received.

What this essentially means is that “Keywords” are important. Identify specific keywords for your services. You might want to use these keywords in your GIG titles and description.

The best way of doing this is to pick the top 10 sellers on FIVERR for the same service. Note down their gig titles and any specific keywords that you find in their descriptions and You should have enough material to start with.

3). Create Your Gig – Setup your account and create your first GIG. Use the keyword that you picked from the above step and craft a catchy title. Use the keyword in your gig description as well. Add the keyword and its variations in the tags and launch your GIG.

That was just the basics of setting up your first gig. But succeeding at selling on FIVERR will need a little bit more than just doing the basics.

How to Succeed at Selling on Fiverr?

Selling on Fiverr can at times be tricky, if you do not know the tricks of the trade. The below 8 tips that we are going to discuss now will help you stand out from the crowd and get started with selling.

1). FIVERR is all about Quality and Reviews – If you are just starting off, be ready to stretch a little. You might want to offer a little more than what $5 is worth. If your buyer is getting $10 worth of value of $5, he is sure to come to you. And it is important that your attract your buyers and get your first few order when you start off so that you can get some decent reviews and ratings. You can look at what other top rated sellers of similar services are offering and would want to offer something better than that.

2). Setup your profile the right way – I see a lot of sellers using avatars and pictures for their profiles. Don’t do that. I prefer dealing with real people and your profile picture is the first impression of you being a real person. Update your profile description with how you can help people using your skills.

3). Extras is what makes money on FIVERR – We all know the importance of a funnel. And one essential part of a funnel is the UPSELL. It is precisely the same at FIVERR. FIVERR gives you the option of offering extras to your buyers. And it is these extras that makes you the real money. So you might want to spend some time planning on your funnel. Offer additional services as extras to your GIGS. People like buying packages. So create package deals.

If you are just starting off, you might just not have the option of adding a lot of extras but as you grow you get a lot more options and you could make anywhere upto $4500 in extras as a Level-2 seller.

4). Offer a money-back guarantee – Not a lot of people agree with me on this. But this is a proven technique that works just about everytime. You see that in pretty much every internet marketing product. And product creators do it because it works. Just to give you some facts, even the crappiest of product in the internet marketing niche doesn’t see more than a 7% refund rate. What that means is that in spite of people being dissatisfied with the quality of a product, they don’t claim a refund. But at the same time, the money-back guarantee gives them peace of mind and the required push to buy it. And rest assured that if your service is of top quality, you might just never see a refund.

5). Ask for reviews and ratings – Don’t be ashamed of asking. Ask your buyers to give you an honest review and to rate your services. They will be glad to do that, if you were a good seller. And keep in mind that these reviews and ratings are what will keep you alive on FIVERR.

6). Put together a promo video – FIVERR claims that sellers who add a video sell many times more in comparison to others. This is proven statistics coming straight from the horse’s mouth. Why not use it? Create a 1-minute video and add that to your gig. It works.

7). Deliver on time – It is important to follow timelines. Don’t over-commit and under-deliver. On time delivery of your orders helps your rankings on FIVERR and also helps you get more orders.

8). Promote it everywhere – Promote, promote and promote. Promote your gigs everywhere. On you websites, blogs, social media networks etc. Create 30 second videos and upload them to Youtube and drive traffic using it. A fool proof method that I found a lot of success with was to run Youtube ads.

If you follow all of these 8 tips judiciously and work hard for the first couple of months, I can assure you that you will find a lot of orders coming your way and you making a lot of money from your GIGS.

FIVERR has a lot of success stories. If you are struggling with all of the other methods, then FIVERR could just be the place for you. And once you find some success there, you will have enough funds at your disposal to experiment with your other ventures.

If you need any further information or, need help starting off with FIVERR, don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

Thank you for joining

I would like to thank you all for joining the show tonight. I hope you enjoyed this episode of the DKSpeaks Podcast. Don’t forget to rate the show here on itunes, if you enjoyed it. Your genuine opinion in the form of ratings will help in the rankings of this show and will also help a lot of other people who are looking for information.

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So until the next episode, this is DK signing off. You all have a great week ahead.

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