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DKSP EP14:How to Successfully Build Your SOLO Ads Business-Part 1

August 21, 2015

Last Updated on - August 21, 2015  

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SOLO Ads Business

Hello and welcome to Episode 14 of The DKSpeaks Podcast.

In the last week’s Podcast, we discussed about buying traffic especially using SOLO ads. There are a lot more strategies in SOLO ad buying which can help you get better ROI, build a huge list and at the same time get clicks for FREE. We will discuss these in some of the future episodes.

In this episode we are going to be discussing about the SOLO ad business model and how to make money selling SOLO ads.

Solo ads have been one of my favorite business model, primarily because of the fact that it is the easiest to setup and the fastest method to start making money online. And since good quality SOLO ads is something that a lot of people are after, you have a readymade market with a lot of buyers in it.

I was a full time solo seller until a few months back after which I shifted my focus to product creation and coaching. Did I quit selling solos? No, I didn’t. I sell SOLOs even now but at a much lesser magnitude.

But for the time I sold SOLOs I thoroughly enjoyed doing it. And so far as the money is concerned, in 12 days of starting to sell SOLO ads I was making money. First week was at $225, second week went upto $380, and by the third week I was making about $75 per day.

A lot of people start off in internet marketing with that goal but never really reach that. And so in this episode you will learn how to achieve your goal with SOLO ads.

Understanding the SOLO Ads Business Model

One of the minimum requirements for running a SOLO ads business is to have a list. While building a list is not difficult if you use SOLO ads and some of the strategies that we discussed in our last episode, this is one of the biggest hurdle where people quit this business model.

But, building your list will take some time. So how do you start a SOLO ad business immediately?

I personally do not recommend running a SOLO ad business without a real list of yours but at the same time do recommend this strategy for beginners who do not have a huge list of their own.

This method involves SOLO ad brokering. And what you do in this method is, you buy solo ads from people and sell it to others for a margin. Another tip that you want to keep in mind is to buy large and sell small. So you can buy about 500 clicks from a solo seller and sell 100 clicks each to 5 people. The benefit here is that since you are buying large you will get clicks at a much lower price which you can then resell at a higher price.

If you are just starting off and are not very confident about getting customers, you can take the normal route of ordering clicks only when you have a customer who is ready to buy clicks from you.

Whichever the method you follow, you stand to gain. You can sell the clicks that you buy at a margin of about $5.00 per 100 clicks and if you are able to sell about 1000 clicks a week, you earn about $50. I agree that is very small but it is a good starting point.

Another tip here is to use these clicks to also build your list. Here is how it works. Whenever you send clicks to a link, there are people who will click on the links multiple times. But these multiple clicks don’t count towards the overall clicks that the seller is to deliver because you are actually paying for unique clicks. At the same time, these multiple clicks doesn’t benefit the buyer as well because more often than not these duplicate clicks don’t result in conversions due to the fact that these clicks are going to the same landing page that they have browsed away from earlier.

You can make use of these clicks to build your list. You can use a rotator script to rotate the links. So all first clicks will go to the buyer’s links and all duplicate clicks will go to your link. And though this is not a lot of traffic, you will slowly be building you list using these clicks.

I ran the SOLO ad brokering model only for a short time. And that is because I focussed more on building my list. And that is what I recommend to all of my students as well. The real beauty of the game comes from selling SOLOs from you list.

And building your list is not difficult if you follow our strategy. We will discuss about this in our next few episodes.

For the sake of this episode, I am assuming that you already have a list.

In order to start selling SOLOs, you will need a couple of tools –

  1. Ad tracking tool – Ad Trackz Gold or, Quality Click Control
  2. Rotator script – My Click Boss

You will need to set this up on your server. If you need help you can use one of our installation services.

These tools basically help your keep a track of the number of clicks you are sending and the details of these clicks like location, ip etc. The rotator scripts will help you send clicks to multiple links at the same time by rotating the links.

Once you are ready with these installed on your domain and server, you can start pitching your offers to people who are looking to buy SOLO ads.

So where do you find buyers?

I prefer the below 3 options – Warrior Forum, Facebook Groups, Skype Groups. I have a list of Facebook groups that I normally frequent to find buyers and sellers. You can download this list from the link in the show notes at dkspeaks.com and join these groups. There are a lot of Skype groups as well which you can join and where you will be able to find a lot of buyers and sellers.

There are certain other services like Udimi, Solo checker, safe-swaps etc. which are also good places to start. In fact if you are just starting off, I will recommend that you start at one of these places.

You see the challenge with beginners in the SOLO ad selling space is that since you do not have a lot of review and testimonials for your service, people are reluctant to buy from you. The SOLO ads business thrives on testimonials. Just as we had discussed in the last episode, there are a lot of people out there in the SOLO ad industry who are there with the objective of scamming others. Hence people are skeptical about buying from everyone. And the only way to avoid these scams is to read a few testimonials and reviews and gather feedback for the sellers.

So your, first objective should be to build your reputation. Gather reviews and testimonials. And selling at services like Udimi and Solo checker will help you do that.

We will continue with building your SOLO ad business in our next episode. But before we go, there are a few actionables for you, if you are really interested in starting your SOLO ad business.

  1. Install the scripts that we spoke about today and test it out
  2. Start building your list
  3. Layout your SOLO brokering strategy and start selling some clicks.
  4. Join these Facebook Groups and SOLO services


Click tracking and Rotator Scripts:

SOLO ads Services

  • Solo Checker
  • Udimi
  • Warrior Forum

Thank you for Joining us!

So that’s it on today’s episode. We will continue with this discussion on the SOLO ads Business Model in the next few episodes. In case you have any questions, do write to me and I will respond to them.

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So until the next episode, this is DK signing off.

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