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How to Create Beautiful eCovers without any Graphic Designing Skills – ECover Authority Review

September 27, 2015

Last Updated on - September 27, 2015  

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eCover Authority Review

“Never Judge a book by its Cover”

That is right. You should never really judge a book by its cover. But the irony is that, it is the cover that makes the first impression about on you, about any book.

Think about the last time you felt like buying a book at the book-stall. What about it impressed you the most and why did you feel like buying it?

More than anything else, it would have been the cover design. This is what happens with most people and probably that is why the above saying.

People spend thousands on getting book cover designs and it is not without a purpose. They know that it is important to get people’s attention before they can be persuaded to buy a specific book. The fact that a product’s packaging has a significant impact on the perceived quality of it, especially in a case where people are not familiar with the product is something that also applies to books. And hence the attempt from book publishers to get beautiful and attractive book covers designed.

Check out the charges of some of the top designers on Freelancer.

ebook designer prices

Book cover designing is a huge business and with more and more people taking to digital books, designing has become simpler. Yet the cost of getting a book cover designed has not come down.

When it comes to internet marketers like us who like putting together ebooks for our subscribers, spending such huge amounts on getting book covers designed just doesn’t seem to be a good idea.

If you are of the same opinion then this product will certainly interest you. Today I am going to review a web based application that helps design ecovers with simple click, drag and drop designing elements. If you wish to watch the video instead you can watch the ecover authority review video below.

eCover Authority Review

eCover Authority is a web based application and that means that you do not need to install anything on your computer. This has another benefit that it works on both Windows and Mac.

Most applications these days are in the form of web based applications and SaaS is the most popular form of delivering most of these applications. eCover Authority follows the same trend. Some other benefits of this being a web application is that you can access it from anywhere and any computer. So you don’t really need to be in front of your own computer to design an eCover.

When you login to the dashboard, you are presented with a simple page with a link to the design board and some other important links.

ecover authority login

I liked this simple accessibility. You have everything you need, handy on one screen. You could also find the tutorials and the bonus graphics, all on this page.

When you click on the link that says, “Click here to access the software”, you are taken to the designing dashboard. In fact you land on the first screen of your designing dashboard which starts with selecting the template for your ecover.


Selecting a template is easy. There are numerous templates that you can choose from and get a quick view of how the eCover will look using the view button. You can also view the dimensions of the cover, download it for future use. When you click on the use button, you are taken to the designing dashboard where you can select the background first.

cover design

You have multiple options for your background. There are numerous options to select from which itself can give you a lot of combinations. But if you choose to upload your own, you can do that as well. You also have an option of using custom colors or, gradients. There is a useful link to some of the web resources from where you could get free background images.

Once you have selected a background, you are taken to a drawing board where you first select how you want to position your background.

designing dashboard

On the designing dashboard, you can see multiple options in the menu bar. The best part about eCover Authority is the storage space. You can save all your designs and it will be stored in your account which you can retrieve anytime and edit or, download it again. You also have a packager and a banner maker which you can use to package your eCovers.

In the design options, you can insert text and images onto your designs.

You have a lot of text options with many different font types. You can also add a variety of effects including text outlines.

text and font designs

There a lot of images that are available which you can use. The image options are so many that you would not need anything else. But if you want to upload your own images you can do that as well.

image selection

The uploaded images are saved on the server. Graphics options includes a variety like abstracts, shapes, internet marketing and other common images used in books and even stock images.

Adding images, resizing them and editing them is all just click, drag and drop. It’s that easy.

Check out a quick book design that I did in about 2 minutes without really using any creativity. I am sure, if you can use your imagination, you can create a lot of attractive ecovers for your products.

final screen

This is the final screen once you have finished designing the ecover. You have multiple options here as well. You could download a 3d version or, a 2d version. You can also use different backgrounds for the cover image or, download it with a transparent background. You also have an option of resizing the image as per your requirements.

If you choose not to download it immediately, you can save it on the server and download it at a later point in time.

Check out some of the designs I created using eCover Authority.

sample covers

The best part is that none of these covers took more than 5 minutes to design. No real creative thought behind any of these designs. If you can design such beautiful covers without any creativity, you can imagine what you can create if you put a little thought into your designs.

Concluding the eCover Authority Review

Ecover Authority is a pretty handy solution for people who do not want to spend a lot of money in getting ecovers designed. In fact it is a good and handy software for people who want to make some money on Fiverr by creating ecover designs. There is a lot of demand on Fiverr and if you can offer quality services, you can make a lot of money selling your ecover designing services on Fiverr.

The application is pretty easy to use and has no learning curve. So, you can start designing your ecovers as immediately as you buy it. There are some nice bonuses that comes along with you purchase. Unlike most other products which come with some useless bonuses, eCover Authority comes with about 40 ready-made ecover templates that you can use for inspiration. You also get some nice products including an application called as video script which helps you create scripts for your videos with a few simple click, enter, copy and paste steps.

In all of this review of ecover authority, we never really faced any problem with accessing or, using the software. But when we contacted the support with just a general question, the response was great.

eCover Authority is a tool that you would like to have in your arsenal if you want to save some money on your designs. It is a recommended buy.

You can order eCover Authority from this link.

You can watch the complete demo and review of ecover authority in the below video.



eCover Authority













  • Simple Interface
  • Easy to use even by Newbies
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Responsive Support


  • Templates Options are few
  • No Integration with FREE Image Download Sites

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