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Four Apps that Can Help You Cash-In On Your Blog

June 25, 2011

Last Updated on - June 25, 2011  

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This is a guest post by Nadia. You can read the guidelines for guest posting at our write for us page.

With thousands of blogs strewn throughout the internet, it is fairly evident that several misconceptions remain about blogging and its money making potential. Many individuals enter the blogging world hoping to make an easy buck, underestimating just how much work successful and profitable blogging can be.

There are several steps to creating a successful blog (many of which are covered here by Dilip Kumar) that must be taken before any monetary advantages can begin. Blogging requires time, practice, and patience. All too often, an individual will develop a blog and start posting, expecting to become an instant sensation. However, fame and success in the blogosphere come slowly and with much hard work.

While blogging can be a lot of work, it can also be extremely worthwhile. Use these four web applications to help you earn money from your blog.


This application is only for iPad and iPhone users, but it can be extremely useful for understanding web statistics and improving your site’s traffic. Ego provides one convenient and centralized location for you to check all of the web statistics that are important to you and the success of your blog.

Check the amount of hits you have to your website, follow the feed subscription totals that you have, and organize how many Twitter followers you have, all in one easy to use location. Saving bloggers a significant amount of time and stress, Ego can help you keep track of your blog’s popularity without having to login to various websites throughout the web to check statistics. Ego collects all the statistics you need for you and then displays them in one simple interface.

One of the most important aspects of making money from blogging is upping your blog’s traffic. Ego can help you maintain a grasp of where your blog stands and how your blog is progressing.


One of the easiest ways to lose money blogging is by having a site that performs poorly. For technical problems, Pingdom can help. Pingdom will notify you when your blog is not working properly or is down completely. The best way to deter readers from your blog is by running a site that is unreliable. No one wants to visit a site that doesn’t run properly or consistently.

Pingdom will help you monitor your site’s health and keep it up and operating at its fullest capacity, alerting you whenever there are any technical mishaps with your blog.


Though many people overlook its importance, one of the key aspects of a successful blog is attractive design. Many bloggers enter the blogosphere thinking that stellar content can make up for an ugly site. However, with the way in which we utilize the internet aesthetics are as important as substance.

Pantone is an application that can save the design of any site. With multiple features for color inspiration and color scheming, Pantone can help any blogger design the perfect look for their blog. Though this app is a little on the expensive side at almost $10, its design advice could be the key to getting your blog noticed and the paychecks rolling. Use this app to create a beautiful home for your excellent and interesting blog posts.

Though it can be tempting, no blogger can rely only on their writing abilities to make a successful and profitable blog. Make something that is interesting and insightful to read and something that is pleasant to look at for your audience.


This marketing app allows you to comment on all of your various networks from one easy-to-use location. Social networking is a great way to promote your blog and gain more readers.

ShoZu can help you keep track of and manage all of the various social networks you use to market your blog to the public. ShoZu collects all of the comments, messages, and action from your many social networks and displays it to you in one place. You can then use this app to post a picture, video, or text to each network in one step. Successful marketing is key to a money-making blog. Use ShoZu to stay on top of your essential communications between you and your readers.

Any of these apps can help to jumpstart your blog on the path to financial success. Look up any of these apps online to make sure they will be useful for you and your individual situation. Blogging can be both a fun and profitable adventure to embark on. Have patience, accept help, and watch your blog (and pocketbook) grow.

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