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Article Marketing

Whoever has been in Internet Marketing for at least about 6 months will know that the best and cost-effective way to get traffic to your website is Article Marketing.

Article Marketing is a proven method of traffic generation and is one of the oldest. No matter what people say about short-cuts and tips that could get traffic in a matter of minutes, none of these things can take the spotlight away from Article marketing.

Take for instance, a few of the latest product launches in the recent days at Clickbank. Most of these use the simple strategy of Article Marketing as their primary weapon. These product launches talk about accidental discoveries and innovations, but the fact of the matter is that all of these products rely on Article Marketing. Most of these products are softwares that can do automatic submission of articles to various article directories.

Do these strategies work? Are these products worthy?

I do not think so. These strategies are not effective. The article directories  that these tools submit to are directories that do not see any traffic, are not managed well and are junk. Submission to these directories cannot get you a single visitor.

In order to get traffic you have to do some effective Article Marketing.

Now, What is effective article marketing is what you question is, right?

Effective Article Marketing

In order to be effective and to get the desired results out of Article Marketing, you need to be associated with article directories that have the reputation of being the best. These article directories should be ones that are well managed and get a good amount of traffic everyday.

I only rely on 3 main article directories for my Article Marketing and I recommend that you too should be associated with them. These 3 article directories should be your primary targets in Article marketing –

  1. Ezine Articles
  2. Go Articles
  3. Articles Base

Of all these ezine articles, is the best. But at the same time, the others too are loved by Google and can get you a good amount of traffic.

Article Marketing Strategy to double your Traffic is currently running a contest called as Hundred Article in Hundred days. I recommend that you join the contest and start submitting articles. The contest is about submitting hundred articles in hundred days.

We often tend to loose focus because we do not have clear cut goals and targets. If we have a target in mind the chances of achieving our goal increases. This is precisely what HAHD can do to you.

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This is a good strategy. The poorest traffic to one of my articles at ezinearticles is about 25 visitors per day. Going by this logic, if I assume that all my 100 articles will get traffic similar to this poorest articles, I still get about 2500 visitors per day to my blog or, website. This is huge and this can do a great amount of good to my revenues.

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