How to Create a Picture Password in Windows 8 – Windows 8 Tips


Windows 8 Picture Password

Windows 8 is here. It is about 12 days since the launch of Windows 8 and there is quite a lot of good feedback about the best ever OS from Microsoft.

Indeed Win 8 is the best ever operating system from Microsoft and with all the changes to the GUI and a lot of other changes to the features, it is one of the best OS that a consumer can ever get. (Of Course, I am not a huge Mac fan and would not want to compare it with a Mac).

There are a lot of new features that Microsoft has introduced into Windows 8, one of which is the ability to set a picture password as your Windows login. While you have the ability to use your Microsoft account to use as a login to your computer, the picture password is a neat addition too and will impress anyone who hates typing the password to login.

In the video below I show you how to create a picture password in Windows 8.

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