How to Find a Good Hosting Plan – Review


hosting review

One of the most important decision to setting up your blog is to get the best hosting for your blog. Running wordpress has quite a few challenges and if you choose a hosting that does not comply with the requirements of running WordPress, your blog can be a disaster.

I have often seen people asking questions on forums as to which is the best hosting company?

There are numerous companies of reputation out there – Godaddy, Bluehost, Hostgator and the list goes on and on. How will you decide which of these will be the best one?

My criteria for selecting hosting companies are normally reliability and economy. I would not want to go for a hosting plan that charges a fortune. Neither will I want to compromise on the security of my blog.

But comparing each of these hosting companies on the various criteria can be tedious task and the time that it will consume might prompt you to take that one wrong decision that could spell disaster for your blog.

But not anymore. webhostingclue can be the solution that you have been looking for.

I was surprised to see such an exhaustive list of hosting at one place.

The site is well maintained and managed and comes a breath of fresh air in the otherwise affiliates dominated review sites. Webhostingclue is a one stop shop that can help you find the best hosting website.

One thing that specifically caught my attention was the fact that my quest for economy could also be fulfilled at They had a collection of discount coupons on almost all web hosting companies which you could use to get a handsome discount on your purchase.

They had a very informative section of hosting review which review each hosting company and their plans in detail. So if you wanted to know in detail about the various hosting companies, just browse through to this section and read through these reviews.

They even had anĀ  option of letting users submit reviews of the services from the various hosting companies. This way you could even read a few customer reviews before deciding on which hosting company to go for.

Installing and running WordPress is a matter of a few clicks if your host is good. Some hosting companies, though claim to support WordPress, tend to give a lot of problems when it comes to installing and running wordpress and its themes and plugins.

So if you are looking for a reliable host for hosting your WordPress blog, then can help you there as well. They have a section on the best wordpress hosting plans. Pick from one their recommended hosts and you won’t regret your decision.

With a nice interface and a well managed front end, is a recommended resource for anyone wanting to know about the various hosting companies and their plans.