Simple Tactics To Turn Your Instagram Stories into An Effective Marketing Tool


Instagram Stories

Believe us or not, but Instagram Stories is a feature no longer used only by individuals. More and more socially active brands are using it to their advantage to engage with customers.

Here are a few important tactics that could help you as a business owner in using Instagram Stories as an effective marketing tool.

Serialized Content To The Rescue

The nature of Instagram Stories is different from the other content posted on this platform. This is due to the fact that Instagram Stories die after 24 hours.

Use the short lifespan of the feature to your advantage and create an episodic content. Since Instagram links all your Stories together, this way you get a chance to create an episodic content which could go something like this:

  • Story 1: Did you know?
  • Story 2: Priyanka and Nick…
  • Story 3: …are dating?

This was just a random example of how episodic content could boost the engagement rate as it creates a sense of suspense and keeps the users hooked.

Teasers For New Products

How about pitching about your new products on Stories?

This could build the craze and you might also add a coupon code or discount offer for the first 100 viewers, or make use of a similar personalized marketing tactic to catch the attention.

Collect Feedback

You can make the entire process interactive by gathering the feedback of your customers during the process.

For instance, conducting polls about size options, color preferences, and other dilemmas that people face could help you in engaging directly with the customers. In return, they will feel that they are an important part of the process.

Keep Analyzing

As you try different features and experiments, it is important to analyze what worked and what did not. What kind of images got better response? What kind of Stories are skipped the most?

Keeping an eye on all these important parameters will help you in serving the right amount of content that actually converts.

Are You Ready?

Make use of the tactics mentioned above and we are sure you will boost your engagement rate.

For more insights on how companies across the world are using Instagram Stories, check out the infographic given below:

instagram stories infographic