Your Blog Monetization strategy through Membership Sites-Part 1


Money CoinsHow to setup a membership site and earn money from it? I often wondered at the way a membership site functioned. Though I was very keen on starting one, I never really had the confidence to start one. This was not because I was afraid of failure but because I was not completely aware of the process that went into setting one such membership sites.

Membership sites are one the biggest money spinners. But the success of a membership sites depends upon a lot of factors which if not kept in mind could lead to a disaster. You might be wondering as to where this topic of “Membership sites” came in from, when the topic in discussion is “making money blogging”.

Blogging cannot be a standalone money-maker. If you have a blog and your monetization strategy is “Adsense”, then there are lot many things that you need to focus upon if you are to earn something worth a mention from your blog. What monetization strategy you adopt for you blog would decide the level and depth of your success.

When we are talking about making money online I believe we should be referring to sources that would be a long term income provider to us rather than looking at short term sources. I presume anyone reading this post is reading it just because you have a dream of leading an independent life. So the monetization strategy that we adopt should be such that provides us with a dependable, continuous and good income.

One of the main strategies that satisfy all of the above conditions is affiliate marketing through your blog. But there is an even better one. This strategy helps in building an authority for you in the blogosphere in addition to winning satisfied and dedicated readers. This strategy involves developing a product of your own and promoting that through your blog.

Most of the successful blogs on the internet do this. Check out Caroline Middlebrook’s blog, Carl Ocab’s blog or, Yaro Starak’s blog. But for a newbie, absolutely new on the blogging horizon, developing a product could be a herculean task and you might be wondering as to what is it that I am saying. Don’t start to get de-motivated. As of now all that you need to do is learn even the minutest things in making money from your blog. Product development can easily be outsourced and that should take care of your problem there.

One of the best products to promote through you blog is an e-course by setting up a membership site. This is a long term monetization strategy and can help you in your objective of making money from your blog. But is setting up a membership site easy? Good question!

There are lots of things that you might want to keep in mind when you start a membership site – Domain name, hosting plans, Membership site content management system, Payment processor, content delivery system etc. The minutest of errors in any of these could spell disaster.

Yaro Starak is a blogger whom I admire. His blog mastermind is a course that has helped a lot of people make lots of money from their blogs. He is successfully running a membership site for this course. So who better than the master himself to teach us setting up a membership site?

Check out his Membership Mastermind course here.

Yaro is not a blogger who is only money-oriented, rather he believes in providing pure useful content to his readers. That is why he guides his readers with good and valuable insights.

For people interested in building and launching membership site he has launched the Membership Site Masterplan which is a free downloadable e-book and has extremely valuable content in it. You can download it here.

You can read about the Membership Site Masterplan report and the Membership Site Mastermind course here.

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