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Pinterest is the Next Big Social Media Website

June 21, 2012

Last Updated on - April 20, 2014  

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This is a guest post by Sunny on Pinterest.You can read the guidelines for guest posting at our guest posting guidelines page.          
In the world of social networks there is a new kid on the block. Pinterest, which started in March of 2010 with a closed beta, is a picture sharing website developed by Ben Silbermann of Iowa. Users can upload and categorize images in public forums and follow other users, much in the same way Twitter functions. Despite being only two years old, Pinterest has grown to over 11 million registered users.

Pinterest has grown exponentially since its public release, becoming the third most widely used social network to date, behind only Facebook and Twitter. Three out of four people on Pinterest are women. In the United States this percentage is even more so with 83% of users being women. This female dominate social network has not been ignored by big investors. This gives advertisers a way to focus primarily on a female targeted product, and since registration is invitation bases, almost all users are active.

One of the signs that a social network is taking off is the arrival of celebrities. Ann Romney, wife of Mitt Romney, joined Pinterest back in February to give fans an inside look at her campaign. Just recently Michele Obama has joined in posting a number of family photos around the White House. Most big name celebrities on Pinterest are female, such as Ellen DeGeneres, or cater to a female audience, such as Doctor Oz.

With such a high percentage of female users, this gives marketer s a way of targeting females and homemakers directly. The advantages of a social network are that clients can easily engage with a company and give direct feedback on certain products. It’s more difficult for clients to give feedback through other means or it requires extensive product analysis. Pinterest allows a user to post a picture and have millions of users see it.

Social networking advertising is the next big thing in the commercial world. Traditionally ads are placed on TV or a billboard that everyone can see, with little regards to only showing the ads to your target audience. This is costly, ineffective, and only available to those who have millions of dollars at their disposal.

With Pinterest, a company is able to show their advertisements to users who fit their target demographic. Pinterest users “pin” their photos on their profile page and people who are following that person will see their pictures. The benefit of this is man of the people who see your new products are willingly going to your board, not being forced to see an advertisement.

You won’t just post your product, like a shirt, on your Pinterest. People take photos, and if your product is in them they may tag it to your Pinterest board. It’s not just seeing something a model is wearing on the wall of a department store. With Pinterest you actually see your friends or people you know using something that you might want. This in turn makes you want to buy it far more than what traditional advertising does.

You business does not need to be based around selling products to have success on Pinterest. For example, the Romney and Obama presidential campaigns want to appeal directly to women voters. With both campaign wives joining the social networking giant they can post wedding photos or shots of their children. This humanizes their campaigns and gives women the opportunity to relate to the candidates.

Pinterest is here and not going away. It is a quality image board and social networking site that you should be made aware of. With its invite only registration Pinterest is trying to adopt the strategies of Facebook and Google Plus with their exclusivity to help maintain this quality. If you want to become more successful with your business, or just want to post pictures with your friends, try Pinterest and you will not be disappointed.

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Sunny Popali is SEO Director at tempocreative.com, TempoCreative servicing Inbound Marketing in Arizona from More than 10 years & Many big brands has benefited from Tempo & Team for digital & internet marketing needs.

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