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DKSP EP:39 – Push Notifications for WordPress and Why it is a Better Alternative to Email Marketing?

November 5, 2016

Last Updated on - November 5, 2016  

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push notifications for wordpress

If you are wondering as to what push notifications for WordPress is, then you have not been reading some of the top blogs in the industry. Because it is unlikely that you would have missed that notification on the top-middle of the blog as soon as you browse over to the blog. And these days, pretty much every blogger, rather I should say, website is implementing this.

If you are still wondering as to what this is, then let me show something from a blog that I visit and read very frequently.


That was Yaro Starak’s Entrepreneurs Journey.

Do you see that small popup on top of the website, that is unobtrusive yet attention grabbing? That is an example of push notifications.

You will see this being used by pretty much every blogger today.

So what are these and why are business owners using these push notifications?

In order for us to understand this, we will need to look at what happens after somebody clicks on that “YES” button you see in that popup. Here is an image of a sample notification.


Just so that I brush up your memory, you would also have seen these notifications from Facebook, popping up at the bottom left corner of your computer. This is even if you do not have Facebook open on your computer.

Now, that would have given you a fair idea of what these push notifications do and why is Facebook and a lot of the bloggers using them on their sites.

Push Notifications for WordPress and Email Marketing

These push notifications are a good way to stay in touch with your readers and blog visitors. In fact you can send all kind of information to your subscribers as a notification.

And because of their unobtrusive nature and the fact that it cannot go unnoticed, it is a perfect replacement for Email Marketing for obvious reasons.

In this episode of the DKSPeaks Podcast we will be looking at push notifications for WordPress and an in depth analysis of their benefits. Here are some of the things that we will be discussing in this episode –

  1. How does Push Notifications work?
  2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of Push Notifications?
  3. What are its advantages over Email marketing and is it going to replace email marketing?
  4. Is this the death of Email marketing?
  5. What are the best push notification services?

Resources Mentioned in this Episode

We spoke about some of the best push notification service providers and their pricing structures in this episode. The below are these service providers –

  • Push Crew
  • Push Engage
  • Let Reach
  • Almost all of these services come with Free trials and you can take them for a trial before deciding on the one that is right for you.

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