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Should You Hire a SEO Professional To Save Your Budget Only?

February 15, 2012

Last Updated on - February 15, 2012  

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SEO Professional

This is a guest post by Michal on whether you should hire a SEO professional or, DIY. You can read the guidelines for guest posting at our guest posting guidelines page.

Money will not take your website a long way, visibility will. This is the truth that every website owner requires to face. The more your website will be seen on the top pages of the search engine, the better are the chances of getting prospective clients.

A presence is not only sufficient as showing yourself on page 4 or, on page 23 will be same- you won’t be seen. Position is important here. Hence, search engine optimization is vital to the success of the site. Though many website owners find it lucrative to follow the do it yourself theory, the truth remains that there are certain things that requires professional attention and SEO is one such thing.

To Hire or, Not to Hire an SEO Professional

It is easy to learn SEO but the implementation can be tough and things might not turn out as you want it to be. So the question arises whether you would hire a SEO professional or, not for the job. The answer to this is yes, you should. Not just to save your budget but for a host of other factors that can take your website places.

The very first vital thing that any SEO professional does is to carry out a keyword research for your site. By searching for the specific keywords which are less competitive but have a good search volume, SEO professionals help to optimize your site for those keywords. These will be the keywords which will bring in visitors to your website.

Use of Titles in SEO

Benefits do count as that is the primary reason you are hiring a professional for. A SEO professional will take care of certain parameters that as an individual you might not have the technical know how of.

For example, a SEO professional studies the site structure and points out certain on page factors that require to be kept in place. Take titles for example. A SEO professional will help point out what trick an optimized title can do for your website.

Writing a title for the sake of the readers might sound easy but that is not going to be beneficial for the website. SEO professionals point out those titles having relevant keywords would work as bait for search engines.

Content – The most important Factor

Content is the next important thing that can affect your website. Relevant content with the targeted keywords neatly used throughout but not over stuffed happens to be the favorite of the search engines.

While it is the job of the content writers to develop the content, not everyone is thorough with the SEO tips that have to be followed. Those with sound SEO knowledge would know how important it is to use the targeted keywords in the content. They can quickly help the writer with some quick tips like how the keywords can be used in the headings like in H1 tags or can be bolded for making it stand out.

Linking it the SEO professional way

Linking, both internal and external have emerged as an important trend in SEO in recent years. As a do it yourself expert you might just be aware of the value that external links brings to your site. SEO professionals however have a different opinion.

They are of the opinion that internal linking also works in gaining your site value in the eyes of search engines. This is done through the use of anchor text in the content that actually links it with other internal pages of the website. Followed correctly and this can make your website a network of internal links which would help improve the search engine rankings for the targeted keywords thus fulfilling your aim of hiring a SEO professional.

Finally – Should you hire a SEO professional?

There is however some more advantages of getting professional help. A SEO professional will ensure that your website will have a clean URL structure as well as is easily navigable.

Moreover, they will also see to it that all the content of your site is getting properly indexed by Google. If not, they will suggest submitting a sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools. Other aspects that a SEO professional takes care of includes using .com or .net domain extensions to facilitate worldwide business reach, making the website location specific and including robots.txt file in absence of one.

All these clearly justifies that it pays more to hire a SEO professional than just saving a few bucks.

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