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DKSP EP:37 – Single Optin Vs Double Optin – Which One to Choose and Why!

October 19, 2016

Last Updated on - October 24, 2016  

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single optin vs double optin

Single Optin Vs Double Optin!

Its the question of “To be or, not to be”.

When I first started with SOLO ads, the first seller gave me a piece of advice – “If you want good conversions, then keep your optin settings to a single optin”.

I was skeptical at first, because I was always told that optin settings should be at “double optin”. I never questioned the logic and blindly followed the guidance.

In due course I figured out the reason why you would choose “double optin”; reduce spam complaints and prevent your autoresponder company from banning you.

So when this friend of mine asked me to use “Single optin”, I was a little surprised. But I followed his advice and since that date I never went back to double optin except for running a few tests on what worked well – single optin or, double optin.

Single Optin Vs Double Optin – Which one?

While a lot of people would recommend going with the obvious, i.e double optin for your list settings, I recommend otherwise. And in this episode of the DKSpeaks Podcast, that is precisely what we will be discussing.

Some of the things that we will be discussing in this episode are –

  • What are the reasons for selecting “double optin” for your list settings?
  • Single Optin Vs Double Optin – the pros and cons of both!
  • How to solve for the negatives in “Single Optin”?
  • How to carry forward the positives of double optin to single optin as well?
  • Which one to select and why?

If you are buying SOLO ads, then it is always single optin that you should choose.


Because you are buying cold traffic and that too from an email that is offering something free. They have no clue of who you are and what you do. They were not expecting an email from you.

They clicked on the link in the email on impulse and was taken to a page where they saw something free being offered. They entered their email address in the flow. And then they forget you, your offer and everything.

This is what happens in SOLO ads.

Imagine, if you put a “double optin” to this entire funnel. Only a very less % of people who entered their details in the optin forms, will click on the confirmation link in their emails to verify.

And this essentially means, reduced conversions for you which in turn means a lower ROI.

This is not something you would want to do, especially when you are paying for clicks.

So your next question is – what happens with other forms of traffic? What option to select?

Listen to the episode for more details and some handy tips.

Resources Mentioned in this Episode

The below are some of the recommended resources to build your list.

Over to You

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