Pros and cons for marketers that purchase tweets

In the age of social media, there are few sites, which dominates in terms of popularity and Twitter is among them. It is considered as the second largest social networking site, which has more than 600 million people all across the world. Twitter is an effective tool not only just for socializing over the web … Read more

Website for Sale – Tweeting Tip is on Flippa!

Website on Sale at Flippa

My blog on Twitter tips is on sale at Flippa. Tweeting Tips was started in June ’09. I had started the blog with an intention of writing about Twitter and tips on getting the most out of the micro blogging platform. I wrote more than 40 posts on the blog in the past year or, … Read more

Google’s new offering – SideWiki

Did you get a chance to see the latest offering from Google? This is called SideWiki. After the first 2 – 3 days of using it I feel that it is inspired by the latest phenomenon on the internet – Micro Blogging. Twitter is today the hottest topic on the internet and it has redefined … Read more