Weekly Link Roundup # 16: Content Marketing Tips and More from the Best Posts from 2016

content marketing tips

Another New Year, a lot of New Year Resolutions and a lot of plans to grow your business. One of my goals for this year (that I had set at the beginning of the year) was to write better content with more valuable information. I partially succeeded in doing that and write some good posts … Read more

Weekly Link Roundup # 14 – Simple, Effective and Practical Tips to Writing Better Blog Posts

writing better blogposts

Tips to writing better blog posts! What does “writing better blog posts” mean? Blog posts are supposed to be engaging. They are supposed to keep your readers hooked onto it until they finish reading the post. But, how many such posts do you really see these days? Poorly structured posts that appear like an essay, … Read more

Sunday Roundup – Internet Marketing has changed or, so it looks

It took me almost 90 minutes to find these posts from amongst the thousands of posts from around the internet. If you are wondering, why it took me so much of time, the truth is that I just couldn’t find some quality posts on a specific topic. Niche blogs are no more niche. Established bloggers … Read more