Titles for your blog post!



What is the significance of a title? This is not a very obvious question and I am sure that for even the newest of the bloggers, the significance of a “Title” is a known thing.

But there are certain other aspects to this question. When I say, “Significance” it could mean,

  1. the way a title influences the post,
  2. the role that a title has to play in getting traffic,
  3. the appearance of an ideal title.

What is the influence of a title on the post? If the content in the post is of value why should somebody be bothered about the title. Good thought. But the fact is that if the title is not “catchy”, the blog post content is ignored. Yes, it is a fact.

The blogosphere is full of blogs on the same topic and the same niche. There are numerous directories and bookmarking sites that have tens of thousands of blogs on the same topic. When I feel like reading some good content, I go to one of these directories, choose a topic and browse through the various blogs posted there. What is the thumb rule to follow to select the posts of relevance and importance? I am short of time and when I browse through these directories, I spend barely a few seconds through scan through a blog to check if the content is relevant. When I have only a few seconds, the first thing to to attract me is the title of the blog post. If the “Title” is catchy and is relevant, then the blog content is relevant for me. Else I prefer to move on.

It is hence that the title plays a very important role in getting traffic to your blog. A good and significant title to your blog post could increase the flow of readers to your blog. When something is so significant that it gets you traffic, then a bit of research can come in handy.

Keyword research can help you formulate a good title for your blog. Don’t panic at the term “Keyword research”. You don’t need to research keywords for your title alone. The research that you did initially to get a handful of tags for your posts is enough. Pick the most relevant keyword from your blog post – preferably a long tail keyword with about 4-5 words in it. Frame a short sentence out of it and your “title” is ready.

If your are wondering about the relation between “keywords” and “titles of the blog post”, then we will have to discuss a blog design structure in detail to understand it. But in short, most of the blog designs use an “h1” or, “h2” tag for the blog title. In SEO, the relevance of a keyword in an h1 tag is very high and very important as well. When you create a title with your primary keyword, you are putting you keyword into the h1 tag and this in a way can be called as a small step towards getting your blogs rank higher in search engines.


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