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Top 30 Best Free PDF Editors to Create, Edit, Fill & Annotate PDF Files

January 11, 2019

Last Updated on - January 11, 2019  

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30 best free pdf editors

If you have never seen, opened or, had to edit a PDF then you are living in the stone age..

PDFs represent some of the most adaptable formats available today and are extensively used by pretty much everybody.

With the increasing use of PDFs, the reality is that people often times need to create, edit, and fill PDFs.

There is a range of products that are worth a look if you are in the market looking for a comprehensive option to create, edit or, manage PDFs.

30 Best Free PDF editors to Manage Your PDFs

As an internet marketer, editing and managing PDFs is almost a regular activity for me especially since I create a lot of PDFs for my lead magnets.

And considering the price point of professional PDFs editors, a free option is a desperate need for people like me.

Here we look at 30 best free PDF editors you can use to manage your PDFs.

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

Over the course of a generation, Adobe has been at the head of the pack in the minds of most people when it comes to PDF creation and editing.

The Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is considered by many as the proverbial industry standard when it comes to PDF creation and editing as well as other tasks. Historically, Adobe Acrobat Pro DC has been at the higher end of the price range as well.

This resulted in the Adobe Acrobat Pro DC being out of reach for some people. Thanks to the cloud-based version of the Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, it is now available to a wider swath of the general public.


ApowerPDF is a comprehensive PDF product that permits a user the ability to create, convert, and edit.

The product comes complete with a comprehensive array of editing tools. ApowerPDF has a user-friendly interface. In addition, the product can be downloaded onto a user’s computer or accessed directly online.

This PDF editor is available at no cost.

PDF-XChange Editor

PDF-XChange Editor is another quality PDF editor available at no cost to consumers. A user-friendly option, this editor gives a user the ability to retype, delete, and reformat text.

PDF-XChange Editor adapts readily if a particular document utilizes a font that isn’t installed on a user’s computer.

The editing tools also permit the ability to attach comments as well as split PDFs and extract specific pages.


Sedja is a free, online PDF editor with nothing to download. Sedja permits a user three hours to work on an editing project before it is deleted.

In most cases, this provides an ample amount of time to complete the typical project. The product has a broad selection of editing tools. When an editing project is completed, there is cloud storage available.


Two versions of PDFescape are available. The basic version of this PDF editor is available at no cost.

There is a premium version as well that is available for a fee. A consumer typically can accomplish necessary editing tasks with the basic, free variation of the product. No downloading is required for the free version and is available online.

PDFescape permits the ability to add media during the editing process.

PDFsam Basic

PDFsam Basic is available at no cost, with some features on a time-limited free basis. After the time period expires for these features, a person can upgrade for a reasonable cost.

PDFsam Basic is a comprehensive PDF editor and includes page splitting and merging. PDFsam Basic is considered user-friendly with an easy to maneuver interface.

Nitro Pro 12

Nitro Pro 12 of the popular Nitro Pro PDF creators and editors is a popular product. Nitro Pro 12 comes with full integration with Nitro Cloud as part of the comprehensive Nitro Productivity Suite.

This features renders collaboration on documents as well as securing signatures an easy process. Editing tasks can be undertaken online without the need to download software.

pdfforge PDF Architect Professional

pdfforge PDF Architect Professional is regarded as one of the best PDF creators and editors on the market today.

The product provides a full array of editing tools as well as fill and annotation capabilities. pdfforge PDF Architect Professional is available in different modules.

This structure permits a consumer the ability to pick and choose tools that are most appropriate to a that individual’s needs, goals, and objectives.

PDFelement 6 Standard

PDFelement 6 Standard is a comprehensive, easy to use PDF creator and editor.

The product not only offers comprehensive editing capabilities but also the ability to create and annotate PDFs. PDFelement 6 Standard has a relatively simple interface.

PDFelement 6 Standard is considered ideal for both business and personal use.

PDFelement 6 Pro

Another derivation of PDFelement is also among the most highly regarded PDF creators and editors on the market today.

The Pro version has all of the attributes of the standard version. An example of the additional features on Pro is the ability save text derived from scans as well as photos. These scans can be transformed into editable PDFs.

PhantomPDF Standard/Business

PhantomPDF Standard/Business is a widely utilized PDF creator and editor.

One of the reasons why it is broadly used is because it mimics the Word interface, rendering it easy to master and utilize.

In addition to basic PDF creation and editing options, PhantomPDF Standard/Business also has special features that allow for the placement of headers and watermarks.

Nuance Power PDF

Nuance Power PDF is a reasonably priced, comprehensive PDF creator and editor. Indeed, the product provides a comprehensive array of tools that permit creation, conversion, editing, assembling, filling in forms, and sharing PDF files.

The product provides a 15-day free trial period to allow a consumer the ability to ascertain if Nuance Power PDF is the most appropriate option.

Qoppa PDF Studio

Two versions of Qoppa PDF Studio are available today. These include a standard and professional option. Qoppa PDF Studio allows for a full-range of uses, including PDF creating, editing, and filling.

The product is not as widely utilized as most of the other products mentioned in this discussion. Nonetheless, it provides a set of features that rival anything offered by any of these other PDF products.

Bullzip PDF

Another of the top PDF creators and editors is Bullzip PDF. The product provides PDF creation and editing functionality.

Bullzip PDF also comes with the ability to merge files as well as sign forms and engage in other filling tasks.


PDFCreator is an easy-to-use, comprehensive PDF creator and editor.

The product includes other utilities and tools that permit a user the ability to fill and annotate PDF files as well. Indeed, PDFCreator has an array of options that allow for a high level of customization.

PDF24 Creator

PDF24 Creator is another comprehensive product that permits an individual the ability to accomplish an array of tasks associated with PDFs. This includes everything from creation to editing.

In addition, PDF24 Creator has the ability to scan and edit files as well.

Foxit PDF

Foxit PDF is a reliable, relatively comprehensive PDF creator and editing application. Basic tools associated with Foxit PDF are available to a consumer at no charge.

Some additional features are accessible for a fee. Foxit PDF has n easy to use interface.


doPDF is one of the most basic PDF creators and editors available today. The product has essential tools for PDF creation and editing. It is available at no cost to consumers.


FreePDF is another free, basic PDF creation and editing product. FreePDF is capable of meeting essential needs when it comes to creating and editing PDFs.

If a person needs more than basic PDF creation and editing tools, another option will be necessary. However, if an individual needs only basic capabilities, this product is an ideal choice.


CutePDF is free PDF creator and editor suitable for a person who has only basic, simple PDF-related tasks.

A good many individuals who need a PDF creator and editor only occasional turn to CutePDF.

PDF Redirect

PDF Redirect has both free and paid versions. While the free version is basic, the paid version has comprehensive features that include merge, encryption, multi-language support, and an elimination of adware.

The interfaces on both the free and paid versions is easy to access and utilize.


PDFill is a comprehensive, easy to use PDF creator and editor. The basic version of PDFill is available at no cost. If a person requires more options and extended capabilities, a paid version of PDFill is also available today.

iSkysoft PDF Editor

In addition to providing comprehensive PDF tools, including creation and editing capabilities as well as filling and annotation, iSkysoft PDF Editor is considered the most secure product on the market today.

This makes the iSkysoft PDF Editor ideal if a person or business has confidential or sensitive PDF-related needs.


PDFescape is a web-only PDF creator and editor. The product also offers an array of other features, including annotation and filling. The number of consumers accessing and utilizing PDFescape has been on a sharp increase due to the reliability and ease of use of the product.

With the array of options available on the market today, a comprehensive PDF product can be found for any imaginable personal or business purpose. This includes some solid free options.

Other PDF Products

There are six other products that are worth a look if you are in need of quality, reliable PDF editors. These are:

  • SumatraPDF
  • MuPDF
  • PDF-XChange
  • Editor
  • Evince
  • Sorax
  • Javelin
  • PDF

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